The Ultimate Guide to Rainwater Collection in 2020

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The capture and harvesting of rainwater is such a simple and easy concept that it seems to go without explanation. But some people are still unaware of this practical and beneficial practice and here we will discuss the “hows?” and “whys?” of rainwater collection. With the environmental green movement gaining traction around the globe, age … Read more

Discovering the Best Hedge Trimmer: Our Top 5 Picks

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For most homeowners, the need for regular lawn maintenance—including mowing and edging—is obvious. However, juxtaposing a perfectly-manicured lawn with overgrown, poorly-trimmed hedges is the landscaping equivalent of wearing a tuxedo with dirty, ratty sneakers. If you’re spending hours each week cultivating a lush, green lawn but devote no time to shaping your bushes, hedges and … Read more

The Best Pole Saw for Landscaping Improvements in 2021

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When it comes to caring for the trees on your property, pruning branches is one of those tasks that can be incredibly challenging to safely tackle without enlisting a professional—that is, unless you own a pole saw. Pole saws basically consist of small, powerful chainsaw permanently attached to the end of an extending pole, enabling … Read more

Pros and Cons of Raised Garden Beds: Our 2021 Analysis

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As the weather warms and spring turns to summer, many people are discovering—or rediscovering—the joys of gardening. Among other considerations such as which types of flowers and vegetables to grow, home gardeners must also decide whether to plant directly into the soil in their yards or follow the increasingly popular trend of installing raised garden … Read more

Recommendations for Urban Gardening In 2020 and Beyond

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As more Americans have moved into densely populated cities and multifamily housing units, the available space for backyard gardening has shrunk considerably, but the human drive to cultivate plant life is as powerful as ever. Fortunately, so-called “urban gardening” offers plant-loving city-dwellers a variety of options for growing lush greenery, flowers, fruits and vegetables in … Read more

Above Ground Pool Maintenance: Our Top 10 Tips And Tricks

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As the weather heats up and the calendar turns to summer, the allure of an affordable above-ground pool becomes almost irresistible. Unfortunately, many of us will be too intimidated by the prospect of above ground pool maintenance to take the final step toward installation. While the maintenance requirements of an above-ground pool are significant, with … Read more

Locating the Best Cordless Impact Wrench: 5 Choices

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If you’re working on a vehicle or other machinery and encounter a rusted or over-tightened nut or bolt, you’ll want to have a cordless impact wrench in your arsenal of tools. Sporting more torque than most drills, cordless impact wrenches can quickly free stuck nuts or bolts, saving you significant time, energy and frustration. If … Read more

Searching for the Best Drill Bit Set: Our 5 Best Bets

Home improvement hobbyists, professional construction craftsmen and everyone in between can all agree of the necessity of a quality drill and the right drill bits to go with it. But knowing which drill bits to select for your project isn’t always obvious, especially if you fall on the novice end of the spectrum. Below, we’ll … Read more

Best Touchless Kitchen Faucet for Kitchen Upgrades

Touchless faucets—also known as motion-sensor faucets—are the future of home water fixtures. They not only add convenience and efficiency to your kitchen and bathroom, but they also bring a sleek, modern design element to your home. But before you run out and purchase a touchless faucet to install in your kitchen, there are a few … Read more

How to Secure Sliding Glass Doors Properly: 5 Great Ways

Sliding glass doors can be an attractive component of your home’s design, allowing plenty of natural light to flow into interior rooms and connecting your living area to a patio, deck or sunroom. Unfortunately, they are much easier for an intruder to breach than a traditional wood door, either by shattering the glass or taking … Read more