EnerPlex X-Stream Garden Hose Review

EnerPlex X-Stream has been included in many “best garden hose” lists and it also has been claimed to be the most efficient garden hose many times in the past few years. The manufacturers have focused not only on its efficiency as a hose but also on its endurance as an outdoor gardening tool. People find … Read more

Continental Garden Hose Review

Continental is a company that attends to not one but several niches at once by producing products for each of them. It advertises itself as a reliable company that uses robust and reinforced materials to manufacture some of the most efficient and long-lasting products in the market. Continental garden hose is one of the most … Read more

Apex Garden Hose Review

Apex has been around since the early 1900s and is famous for manufacturing some of the most reinforced plastics of all time. They moved ahead in their enterprise by producing products that not only used plastics but other materials in the manufacturing of their product as well. Apex gardening hose is one of their most … Read more

Craftsman Garden Hose Review

If you’re a garden enthusiast and are looking for a great garden hose, then you have just found the right one for yourself. A garden hose is essential piece of equipment that everyone with a garden in their home should keep. Garden hoses not only help to water plants and crop that you are trying … Read more