Intetrend Smart Lock Review

InteTrend is not a big name in the industry, but everybody has to start somewhere. They are a small store who mainly sell via online market places. They have a small product range, which means they have spent more time making them perfect. There are a couple of reasons why this product made our list … Read more

Schlage Smart Lock Review

Smart homes and electronic locks are becoming more and more mainstream as people adapt to new technology and the convenience of modernizing everyday life. The innovation we are blessed with today, though, comes from the minds of brilliant inventors from many years ago. One of those such inventors was Walter Schlage, who was a locksmith. … Read more

August Smart Lock Review

August is one of the newer names in the smart lock industry, but they specialize in electronic entry. They have quite a few products on the market which are getting some of the highest praise around and for a good reason. They are producing simple, yet high-quality smart locks which are keeping homes safe, burglar’s … Read more

Kwikset Smart Lock Review

Kwikset has been designing, manufacturing, and selling residential locks since 1946. When it comes to innovative products which look great, work great, and are reliable, robust, and affordable than they certainly stand out as a perfect choice. Kwikset is a company who take no chances when it comes to security. Especially the security of their … Read more