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Many lawn mower companies have once again started investing in reel mowers due to their popular comeback. Among the many companies that provide premium quality, American Lawn Mower Organization is one of them.

They are well-known in this industry for their highly efficient lawn care and maintenance tools. However, the American Reel Mower 1815-18 tops every consumer’s wish list due to its remarkable qualities. 

The product has idealistic characteristics, for instance, a strong framework, variety in height adjustments, lightweight, and so on. Therefore, making it a favorite among the critics and the consumers alike. 


Features Of American Reel Mower 1815-18 

The blades of this reel mower are manufactured from alloy steel. This boosts its long-term usability, sharpness, makes it heat resistant and stainless, and furthermore, considerably reduces the additional expenditure of appliance maintenance. In addition, there are a total of 5 blades to give a quick, accurate cut.

 The wheels of this machine are about 10 inches huge, which makes it easy to use on uneven terrain. Generally, most reel mowers breakdown or stop working as they are not designed to work on irregular surfaces. However, the consumer can depend upon this mower to provide a constant level of high performance even on irregular or uneven terrain. 

With its compact size, the consumer doesn’t have to worry about the storage space required for this product. Besides, it only weighs around 29 pounds, which adds to the easy maneuvering of this machine. Durable components were used to manufacture this product to make it sturdy and robust. 

18 inches wide cutting width makes it suitable for residents or consumers who have a slightly bigger yard too. American Lawn Company has made advantageous use of its expertise in this field to perfect the designs, outlay, and production for their lawnmowers. This product is a great representation of the mixture of all the above qualities and more. Read more about it below.


Detailed Cuts

The blades are angled and designed in a way that they uniformly cut the grass. The precision of each cut is equivalent to the detailed manual scissor cut. 


The consumers are manually going to push the reel mower. Hence, they need all the comfort they can get to make their experience comfortable. Therefore, the handles of this product are cushioned for a soft yet firm grip.

Hassle-free assembly

As a consumer, no previous experience is required to use or assemble the machine. The instruction manual contains a set of straightforward steps that the consumer can follow for a tool-free and hassle-free assembly.

Environmentally Safe

There is no emission or noise generated by using this product. Thus, this makes it a healthy choice compared to gas-powered lawnmowers.

Cutting Height

The product provides a range of cutting height options. The range starts from half an inch to a maximum of three inches.


Pros And Cons Of American Reel Mower 1815-18


  • Comfortable cushioned grip for a pleasant experience.
  • Odorless, zero fuel emission, and noise pollution. It reduces carbon footprints, therefore, making it a natural and green choice.
  • 18 inches wide cutting deck makes it an ideal choice for smaller and medium scale properties.
  • Zero noise production also helps the consumer get a quiet and convenient experience.
  • Advanced 5 Blades are designed with the ball bearing structure.
  • Small and compact size requires less space for storage.
  • Less time consuming and seamless assembly of the machine.
  • Economical price and also reduces future financial burden by being a low maintenance product.



  • Several instructions, for instance, twigs, tall grass, smaller branches, and weed, can hammer the performance of the mower.
  • The product may require the consumer to increase the frequency of mowing.
  • Hilly slopes or yards are not the ideal ground for this American reel mower.



Although the top-notch quality of American reel mower is hard to compete with, however, below are options that can serve as a suitable substitute for this product.

  • Sun Joe MJ503M 14-inch Quad Wheel 9-position Manual Reel Mower
  • Great States 415-16 Push Reel Mower
  • Greenworks 25072 Reel Mower
  • Remington RM3100


Our verdict

American Lawn Mower has manufactured resourceful lawn care products in the past. Moreover, these products turned out to be bestsellers, and this American reel mower is not different. Furthermore, their main motive is to become an eco-friendly brand, so that the brand and its loyal consumers can contribute to fixing America’s environment. 

Zero noise generated from this mower supports the consumer freely enjoy the functions of this product. In addition to the low price of this reel mower, it also requires low maintenance. The model is equipped with the ball bearing blades technique, which boosts the efficacy of the product.

The handles are padded or cushioned with a firm yet soft material for a grip. In brief, this product provides easy storage, accurate and clean cuts, maximal maneuverability, and more to give each consumer an extraordinary experience.

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