American Standard Toilet Review

We hardly need to do an introduction to American Standard, considering 3 out of 5 homes in America use their products. They have been around for over 140 years and in that time have continuously developed and prospered in the bathroom industry.
Over the years they have merged many smaller companies into their brand, and at one point they were the largest producer of bathroom fixtures in the world. Their experience in both the residential and commercial space has helped them develop products which are durable, reliable, and capable of everyday use, which they back up with extended guarantees.
The American standard champion 4 toilet is a straightforward and honest design; it doesn’t need any fancy gimmicks or looks as it is very reliable in what it does. It is a two-piece design with curves and edges around the bowl area.
It doesn’t come with a seat, which is a shame, but they are available on their website and are a universal fit. The bowl is coated in a brilliant coating called EverClean surface. This coating protects the bowl and stops the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew, which is what makes your toilet smell.
The water tank and toilet are connected by speed connect technology, which makes fitting it together quick and straightforward. No fancy tools are needed, so installing this toilet shouldn’t be too tricky for the handy people amongst us.
Now, where the American Standard Champion 4 comes to shine is the flushing technology. They have gone out of their way to make sure this is the product you think of when you require a reliable, powerful flushing toilet.
The Champion 4 has a 4″ piston style accelerator flush valve which pushes water into the bowl at three times the speed of standard toilets, which typically use a 2″ valve. With a larger valve, you get more water pushed into the toilet quicker and more powerfully.
The toilet comes with a larger trapway and flush valve, and it can move 70% larger mass than any standard toilet, which means there are no chances of clogs happening with this. Don’t believe us? Well, American Standard has flushed a bucket of golf balls down this toilet, with no issue.
This Champion 4 toilet stands at the ADA compliant universal height, making it comfortable for most to sit down and stand up from.
The final touch of proof that American Standard believes in the hard-wearing durability of their products is the ten-year warranty they offer on this toilet. Their toilets are factory flush tested before they leave the warehouse.
The factory flush testing doesn’t stop them from still backing it all up inside and out with their ten-year worry-free guarantee, which is the longest in the industry. This toilet is also made in the USA.

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