Apex Garden Hose Review

Apex has been around since the early 1900s and is famous for manufacturing some of the most reinforced plastics of all time. They moved ahead in their enterprise by producing products that not only used plastics but other materials in the manufacturing of their product as well.

Apex gardening hose is one of their most recent products that is advertised as an extension hose. It can be more than just an extension to your gardening hose as its application varies from being connected to a dehumidifier to any other machine. Because of its ability to serve as an extension, Apex has focused more on the manufacturing of its brass connectors to ensure no leakage.

Features of the Apex Garden Hose

High-Quality Construction

Since Apex garden hose is categorized as an extension hose, the variation in its usage automatically increases. This variation is directly proportional to the quality of material used in its construction.

For instance, if it’s being used to assist a dehumidifier then the nature of its use is different than being used outdoors as an extension of a hose. Hence, its manufacturers made the right choice to use reinforced material in its construction with improved strength and tangibility.

Durability & Access

The reinforced material used in its construction guarantees long-lasting usage of this hose extension. It can withstand certain weather conditions and rough treatment because of the nature of the material used in its production. As stated earlier, Apex garden hose is labeled as an extension hose whose sole purpose is, to provide access to places that are hard to reach with the normal length of the hose.

It has an impressive length of 15 foot that gives your hose a considerable length extension that you can rely upon without any reservations. The perfect combination of durability and usefulness made it an instant hit among gardeners around the world, especially in the USA.

Leak Proof Connectors

Apex gardener hose is advertised as the best extension for your garden hose which is why manufacturers have paid extra attention to its connectors.

They have made the connectors easy to operate on as well as used the top-quality material in their construction as well.  Moreover, they have used brass and lead in the coupling of the connectors which further adds esteem in its name. Both materials are resistant against abrasion and erosion and fit into plenty of fixers and machines. These connectors are E-Z Tite and manufacturers have guaranteed that there will be no leakage when you use them.

Pros and Cons of the Apex Garden Hose

Apex garden hose has impressive features that add esteem to its name but not everything it offers is glitters and golds. It indeed has some drawbacks that people will find troubling but nothing too extreme that can kick it out of the “best garden hose” list. These drawbacks are overshadowed by its attractive feature and will only surface when you are looking for them.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Erosion & corrosion resistant
  • Brass &lead connectors
  • Compatible with hose reels & machines
  • Warrant of 2 years
  • No kinks & twists
  • Simple installation


  • 15-foot extension
  • Not suitable for drinking water
  • Hard to store
  • Stiff material of construction
  • Limited usage
  • No color choice
  • Connectors may leak
  • Flimsy material

Our Experience with the Apex Garden Hose

Apex garden hose is strictly an extension hose and treating it in any other way will only leave you disappointed. We have found it the hard way as we tried to use it beyond its capabilities.

Its total length is of 15 foot which an ideal length for an extension. It fits several dehumidifiers and hose fixers and was of great assistance during our work in the garden.

One thing that we always found frustrating was the many leaks and tears that appear on most hoses eventually after some time.  Manufacturers of Apex garden hose have used some of the most durable material in its construction that can last for years.

Garden Hose Alternatives

  • Continental garden hose
  • EnerPlex X-Stream garden hose

Our Verdict

The Apex garden hose is an extension hose that has brass connectors for leak-proof connectivity. It is compatible with most of the hose reels, fixers, and dehumidifiers. Some people might not consider it as the best extension to be used with a dehumidifier because of the reported minor leakages.

Since the manufacturers have mostly advertised it as an extension for your garden hose, customers are advised to stick to that application if they seek an efficient performance.

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