August Smart Lock Review

August is one of the newer names in the smart lock industry, but they specialize in electronic entry. They have quite a few products on the market which are getting some of the highest praise around and for a good reason.

They are producing simple, yet high-quality smart locks which are keeping homes safe, burglar’s out but also making sure that homeowners have a fast, easy, and convenient way to enter their homes; which is proving quite popular for the older generation.

The August Smart Lock Pro + Connect is one of the most popular choices on the market right now for people who want to ‘dip their toes’ into the world of smart home safety. If you are not quite ready to entirely depend on electronic access than the Smart Lock Pro + by August is a solid choice for your first time.

As with most electronic locks the August Smart Lock works with your existing Deadbolt. It sits in replacement for your standard keylock, but it sits on the inside of your door. The outside of your door is still the existing key entry you have always had.

The August Smart Lock connects to an app on your phone, when you approach the door, it detects you and unlocks. What makes this a great entry level smart lock is that your existing key can still be used. If there are people in your house who do not always carry a smartphone, or for older people who may prefer a key, they can still access the house without any issues.

With the app, you can check who has come and gone from your home, who was the last person to lock the door, and you can also grant access to people when you’re away. If you want to let in cleaners or delivery people you set times and days when they can access your home.

The great thing about August, and indeed all the locks on this list is the fact that they can connect to smart home assistants Alexa, Siri, and Google home for voice command control. Making these locks indeed the beginning of the future of electronic home safety.

The August Smart Lock with Connect comes ready for you to connect to all the smart assistants. It is also Apple HomeKit enabled.

The lock itself is simple looking. Round and solid like the kind of Deadbolt you see on work vans. It comes in silver at the moment and has a sharp, robust, durable look to it. Realistically the look’s will not matter too much though, as it is only seen from inside your home.

When you order your August Smart Lock + it will come with all the instructions you need to install it and all the accessories, including 4 AA batteries for operation, the Connect – WI-FI bridge, Door sensor, lock adapter, and mounting equipment.

As far as installation goes, it is one of the simplest smart locks to fit. Installation requires little more than a standard Philips screwdriver, and anyone with a basic understanding of how to use a screwdriver will be able to install this lock.

August has a great support forum on their website, which will answer most questions you have about the product and installation. As far as the warranty goes you get a 1-year manufacturer warranty which covers the whole lock.

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