Searching for the Best Angle Grinder

Woodworking and metalworking are all about using the right tool for each task, and when it comes to polishing, grinding, sanding, and cleaning materials and surfaces, no machine can rival the good ol’ angle grinder. An angle grinder is an essential tool in any arsenal, as it can shear through any stubborn material like butter.

In the pursuit of the ideal workplace, you’re probably looking for the best angle grinder – one that’s durable, powerful, and efficient. Considering that the market is full of different kinds and models of this power tool, you must also be confused as to which angle grinder you should get.

Worry not, as we’re here to help you with that decision through a list of the best angle grinders that you can get today as well as detailed buying guide that will make choosing the right machine a breeze.

Without further ado, here are our picks for the title of the best angle grinder.

Top Angle Grinders – Our Picks

Makita 9557PBX1 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder

We’re not exaggerating when we say that it’s pretty darn hard to find a power tool that’s efficient while being affordable, but the 9557PBX1 Angle Grinder from Makita does exactly that. Despite its low price tag, this machine is pretty capable of nailing any project, making it the best angle grinder for DIYers and homeowners looking to expand their tool arsenal.

Makita’s 9557PBX1 angle grinder packs a powerful 7.5-amp motor, which is capable of delivering a great deal of power despite the machine’s compact design. Not only is it powerful, but it’s also versatile, as you can switch the power source from AC to DC with ease depending on your needs and the project at hand. Add that to the accuracy the tool offers thanks to the gear house that can rotate 9 degrees to the right and the left, and you’ve got yourself a machine that’s suitable for any kind of project around the house.

Usually, combining small size with powerful motor results in a real mess, so does that mean that the Makita angle grinder is not comfortable to handle?

Not at all! On the contrary, you can use this Makita angle grinder for hours on end without worrying about comfort thanks to the small diameter barrel grip as well as the extra-large paddle switch. Unfortunately, the handle position cannot be adjusted, but, as you know, that’s not a big deal in angle grinders.

As for the safety, the machine boasts a lock on/off feature that guarantees a safe operation every time. Not only is the Makita grinder designed to protect the user, though, as it also does a great job protecting itself from dust and debris thanks to its labyrinth construction and protective zig-zig varnish, both of which contribute to making this unit one of the most durable angle grinders you can get. Talk about an all-in-one package, huh?


  • Easy switching from AC to DC for added versatility
  • Labyrinth construction and protective zig-zig varnish to keep dust away
  • Comfortable, continuous operation tanks to the small diameter barrel grip


  • No variable speed settings


DeWalt DWE402 Angle Grinder

DeWalt is one of the giants of the power tool industry, so expect nothing but pure mechanical quality when getting a machine from this manufacturer. That’s exactly what the DWE402 Angle Grinder offers: top-notch performance, durable construction, and high-quality materials, all at an exceptionally affordable price. What else could you ask for in the best angle grinder, right?

The DeWalt DWE402 Angle Grinder is an imported power tool. Although that’s a double-edged sword most of the time, we can assure you that this unit reflects everything DeWalt is known for, from the genius engineering to the premium construction. The machine boasts an 11-amp brushless motor capable of delivering 2.1 joules of impact energy. As for the design, this is a corded angle grinder that comes with a One-Touch Guard feature, which means that you can rotate it 360 degrees effortlessly. Mr. Too Versatile for my workshop much?

DeWalt’s angle grinder takes a different approach to protecting the interior components, as it relies on a Dust Ejection System that ejects any harmful particle that makes it past the outer housing. That, coupled with the oversized brushes and the large spiral bevel gear, ensures that your angle grinder will live for a good number of years in your garage or workplace.

Power, check. Versatility, check. Durability, check. Did we forget something?

Yes, we did; comfort. Worry not, as another department in which the DeWalt DWE402 Angle Grinder excels, as it has a uniquely small gripping surface along with an ergonomic side handle, making this a truly solid candidate for the title of the best angle grinder.


  • Durable thanks to the Dust Ejection System and oversized brushes
  • Comfortable small gripping surface
  • Excellent power-to-weight ratio


  • No variable speed settings


BLACK+DECKER BDEG400 6 Amp Angle Grinder

Although BLACK+DECKER is suffering from some kind of brand crisis, it’s still one of the world’s biggest power tool manufacturers, and a good one at that too. The BDEG400 machine from BLACK+DECKER is on the cheap side of the spectrum, but it’s still one of the best Angle Grinders that you can get today – if you’re on a budget, that is.

The BLACK+DECKER BDEG400 is a compact angle grinder featuring a 6-amp motor capable of rotating the disc at a whopping 10,000 RPM. Compared to the rest of the products in our roundup, this machine may not seem so powerful, but as we mentioned, it’s a budget option, so don’t expect the world from it. Besides, it packs enough power for any sharpening, cutting, or grinding task around the house, making it suitable for any homeowner or DIYer.

For a power tool in this price range, the BLACK+DECKER BDEG400 is quite versatile, as it offers a 3-position handle that facilitates the control in any application and a spindle lock that makes changing accessories a piece of cake.

We don’t usually recommend skimping on your power tools, but if there’s no way around it, and you need to get the best angle grinder within your budget urgently, then the BLACK+DECKER BDEG400 is your safest bet. For what it’s worth, this machine comes with a 2-year warranty, which should give you some peace of mind, knowing that the people at BLACK+DECKER do trust in the quality they provide. Just make sure to store it in the included metal gear case when not in use to extend its lifespan.


  • Affordable
  • 3-position handle for easy maneuvering
  • Comes with a heavy-duty metal gear case


  • The motor is not that powerful


PORTER-CABLE PCC761B Angle Grinder

Yet another one of the best angle grinders that you can get today, PORTER-CABLE’s PCC761B model is the epitome of budget-friendly power. Thanks to its 20V Max System and a more-than-capable motor that can deliver up to 8,500 RPM of power, this machine can take on any cutting, polishing, or removal task with ease.

This angle grinder from Porter-Cable can also take a beating like a champion thanks to the metal gear housing that’s designed to dissipate heat during extended use for the machine to last in your toolbox for years on end.

PORTER-CABLE’s PCC761B Angle Grinder nails convenience as well, with a Contoured Overmolded, three-Position Handle that ensures a comfy grip no matter the application, a spindle lock that allows for effortless wheel changes, and the Tool Free Guard that makes adjusting the guard a breeze.

As for the warranty, Porter-Cable got you covered for three years, making this angle grinder quite the worthy investment.


  • Affordable
  • High-speed machine
  • Comfortable Overmolded, 3-position handle


  • No variable speed settings


DEWALT DCG413B 20V MAX Brushless Cut Off Tool/Grinder

Back to the masses’ favorite power tool brand with another angle grinder that also delivers what DeWalt promises in terms of build quality, durability, and performance.

The DCG413B angle grinder sports a brushless motor that’s engineered by the DeWalt. Compared to brushed models, DeWalt’s brushless motor can deliver up to 57% more run time. Add that to the 9,000-RPM no load speed, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for pure power that will allow you to shear through concrete and semen like butter.

Other features that we like in the DEWALT DCG413B include the blade brake, which stops the wheel almost as soon as you release the paddle switch, the two-position slide handle that ensures proper comfort, and the one-touch guard system that allows the user to make single-action adjustments whenever they’re needed. The machine is also backed by DeWalt’s three-year limited warranty, which is more than enough, considering the company’s excellent level of support.

Unfortunately, the charger and batteries are sold separately, which makes this machine a hefty investment, but quite the worthy one if you’re looking for the best angle grinder in terms of power, control, and safety.


  • Brushless motor that delivers 9,000 RPM of no-load speed
  • Oversized threading for extended lifespan
  • Compact and lightweight design


  • Hefty price tag as the charger and batteries are sold separately


Choosing the Best Angle Grinder – Buying Guide

Choosing the best angle grinder, or any power tool for that matter, is no small feat. The last thing you want is to end up with a weak machine that can’t provide enough power for your projects or worse, an over-powered unit that you won’t get the chance to use. Don’t break into a cold sweat, as we’re here to help you make the right choice and pick the best angle grinder for your garage with the following buying guide.

Different Types of Angle Grinders

Angle grinders come in three main types: corded, cordless, and pneumatic.

Corded Models

As the name indicates, you need to plug a corded angle grinder into a power outlet for it to work. That’s a double-edged sword, as while you need to have access to a power source at all times, you can use such a machine for an unlimited amount of time, and it will give you enough power to tackle any kind of project in enclosed spaces such as homes, offices, and power-supplied job sites.

Cordless Models

Compared to corded models, cordless angle grinders are a bit heavier in weight and bigger in size, but they’re easier to carry around as you don’t need constant access to a power supply. All you need is some batteries in your toolbox, and you can use a cordless angle grinder practically anywhere, including construction sites. The only limitation with this type is that it offers a limited output depending on which batteries you use. They’re also a bit more expensive than they’re corded counterparts.

Thanks to advanced lithium-ion batteries and brushless motors, cordless angle grinders are becoming more and more capable of lasting for long between recharges. Some models even offer fast recharging, but we’re not at smartphone-level fast charging – not yet, at least.

Pneumatic Models

If you have an air compressor collecting dust in your garage, you can put it to good use by getting a pneumatic angle grinder. Besides being cheap, pneumatic angle grinders are pretty light in weight, and they don’t need a power outlet nor batteries to function. Just plug one into your air compressor, and voila! Your angle grinder is ready to cut, finish, or polish any material!

The only niggle with pneumatic angle grinders is that you need to have an air compressor to use one, which is why we only recommend delving into this type if you already have such a power tool. That’s also why we’ve only reviewed the best angle grinders in the corded and cordless categories above.

Which Type Is Best?

As we mentioned above, the best angle grinder for your toolbox will depend on the kind of jobs you tackle frequently and which power source you have access to most of the time.

What to Look for in an Angle Grinder

When searching for the best angle grinder, there are some essential factors and features that you must consider, including:


What’s a power tool without power, right?

The output power that an angle grinder can provide is rated in watts (W), while the input power is measured in different units depending on the type of the machine: it’s measured in amps (A) for corded models, in volts (V) for cordless units, and in cubic feet per minute (CFM) for pneumatic angle grinders.

Again, we can’t really choose the ideal power rating for the best angle grinder for you, as that will depend on your own needs. As you’d expect, the higher the score, the more suitable the machine is for bigger projects.


The speed of angle grinders depends on the kind of disc that the machine uses. Generally, angle grinders that use bigger wheels are slower than those that use smaller wheels (Physics for the win!).

Fortunately, you can compare the different angle grinder models but checking their RPM, or rotation per minute, which is usually given in terms of no-load speed, which is the fastest rotation a unit can deliver when no disc is installed. That should allow for some kind of unbiased comparison ground when choosing the best angle grinder in terms of speed.

Angle grinders can deliver anything from 5,000 to 10,000 RPM in speed. If you’re a simple homeowner looking to get a machine for small tasks around the house, there’s no need to get a high-speed model, especially that they come with a higher risk of injury.

Disc Size

The disc size that your angle grinder can take determines the depth of the cuts that you can make with it as well as the range of tasks it can tackle. As a general rule of thumb, the bigger the supported disc size, the heavier and bulkier the angle grinder.

So, which disc size should you go with?

Well, for small DIY and home projects, 4 to 4.5-inch disc size is more than enough, but if you’re planning to take on bigger tasks, then you ought to get a model that can take at least 6-inch discs. Discs are also available in 7 and 9 inches, but those are suitable for huge tasks and projects, and angle grinders that support them are pretty expensive, too.

It’s also worth noting that the 4 to 4.5-inch disc size is the most common, which means that you’ll be able to find such discs effortlessly in any hardware store when the need arises.

Soft Start

A soft-start handle is one that can reduce the vibration of the power tool for the user. Although this feature is often disregarded by metalworkers, it’s actually pretty convenient and can make your work easier and more accurate, so make sure to check it out when browsing for the best angle grinder on the market.


Safety is a critical factor to consider when buying not only the best angle grinder but also any kind of power tool. For the safest possible operation, make sure to pick an angle grinder that features an anti-kickback clutch, which, as the name implies, can protect you from the kickback that the machine produces.

Another safety feature that you can look for in the best angle grinder is the two-stage trigger, which requires you to flip off a switch before you can turn the tool on, thus lowering the risk of accidental starts.

Dust Management

Dust can really mess up the interior components of your angle grinder, so make sure to get a machine that offers efficient dust management, such as the labyrinth construction found in the Makita angle grinder or the Dust Ejection System featured in the DeWalt DWE402.


No toolbox is complete without the best angle grinder, and any metalworker worth his (or her) salt should know that. The versatility this tool offers is second to none, making it a staple in any machine arsenal.

Any of the above recommendations can be the best angle grinder for you depending on your own needs, so make sure to check our guide thoroughly before picking your next power tool.

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