Buying the Best Garden Hose

One of the most essential tools you need around your house or apartment is a garden hose. They can serve so many different purposes like allowing you to water your growing garden, help with washing the car or dog, or giving you that at-home water park for the kids when you don’t want to pay those theme park prices.

Let’s face it, the garden hose is a staple in every family. Unfortunately not all garden hoses are created equal. At first glance you may not want to invest a lot of money in something that’s going to stay outside or sit in the shed, but at the same time you know that the quality of the hose is very important because you don’t want to replace yours five times in one summer. Lucky for you we have searched, tested and found the garden hose you are looking for.

Which Best Garden Hose Hose Should You Buy?

Best Overall Must-Have: XpandaHose

If you are like most of us then you just want a reliable hose that is going to stay hidden until needed and that’s where the XpandaHose comes in. Storing hoses can be a pain so you will be happy to know that the XpandaHose has a coiled design that expands when filled with water.

Unlike other expandable hoses, the Xpandahose does not compromise water flow and getting kinks in it is nearly impossible. It is super reliable and won’t get tears in it if it’s tossed around a little bit. A huge problem we have ran into with other coiled hoses is that they are prone to hairline tears that end up squirting water all over you instead of your plants.

The Xpandahose is 75 feet of latex that is so easily stored due to its unique coil structure. This hose comes with a 10-setting nozzle, a rack, and storage bag. It also comes with a two-year warranty.


Best All-Weather: Craftsman Premium Rubber Hose

Craftsman is a name you can trust when looking for quality products. You may even own a Craftsman tool or appliance and can attest to this. The Craftsman Premium Rubber Hose is heavy duty, tough and dependable. It has the durability that you’re looking for when dragging it around the yard for your projects.

Something to take into consideration is that this heavy duty hose can get in the way a bit when trying to do simpler tasks such as washing the dog or watering a small garden. If you are in need of a durable hose for industrial work, however, this is a great option. It won’t have that quick wear and tear like some lesser quality hoses.

You will be able to trust it for rough construction or landscape work. That isn’t to say you can’t have this one lying around the house, but it definitely is a substantial and reliable option. The best part about it is that it comes with a lifetime warranty so if something does happen, you have the Craftsman name to fall back on.


Most Durable: Continental ContiTech Premium

Sometimes you are going to have small jobs and sometimes you are going to have big jobs, but what you need for both is a durable hose that can handle whatever task you need. The Continental Contitech Premium hose is going to last you a long time with its durable 50-foot commercial rubber tubing. It is a professional grade hose that is 5/8-inches in diameter with a thick rubber lining reinforcement.

This sturdy build is resistant to abrasion and kinks, ensuring that you have invested in a hose that should last you a long time. It has brass fittings that won’t bend so you won’t have to worry about any deformations on the ends. If you live in a colder climate, this hose is perfect for you because it is still flexible in cold weather. The Continental ContiTech won’t degrade in sun or frost, and is great for any sized job.


Best Lightweight Option: EnerPlex X-Stream

Weighing in at just 3-pounds is the EnerPlex X-Stream garden hose does it all. Its coiled design hides an amazing 75-foot length when fully expanded. It can handle the light duty jobs as well as the heavy duty ones. It easily tucks away in hose bins or a garden shed. The massive 75-foot length and flexible structure allows you to get around corners with ease and without getting bunched up.

The biggest pro with the EnerPlex X-Stream is that its lightweight material doesn’t ruin plants as it maneuvers over and around them. Its design is also equipped with a multi-layer latex that is resistant to punctures. The EnerPlex X-Stream also comes with a 10-pattern spray nozzle that is great for multiple uses.  You won’t have any problems keeping this hose out of the way, and you definitely won’t complain when you have to get to those far away plants.


For those on a Budget: Apex REM 15

Maybe you don’t use your hose that often and aren’t interested in some heavy duty rubber rope that you will struggle putting up each time you have to take it out. If this sounds like you then you might want to keep it simple and get the Apex REM-15. It is a light-duty garden hose that comes with no frills or fancy add-on devices. It is straight to the point and easy to set up.

The Apex is 15 feet long which is perfect for smaller areas and is easily put away since it’s not very big in the first place. Apex is a solid brand that has other models if the 15-footer is too light-weight for you. If you have more abrasive outdoor projects then this is definitely not the hose for you. However, if you just need a hose to water some potted plants on the deck or your small garden then this is perfect for you.


Honorable Mentions

  • Flexzilla’s Zillagreen
  • Powerwind Automatic Rewind Hose Reel
  • Neverkink Heavy Duty
  • Gilmour PRO
  • APEX 8695-25
  • Orbit 27890

How We Tested our Best Garden Hose List

In order to test each of these hoses we sought the help of our reviewers to personally use and compare different garden hoses. Each reviewer tested out the garden hoses listed above and graded them based on a set of criteria they agreed on that they were looking for in a garden hose. The criteria chose to compare the garden hoses was the durability of the hose, length that was offered, ease of portability, and how easy it was to store.

Each hose was used on the reviewers personal plants, garden, cars, and so on to get an accurate account for how each hose stood up to different scenarios. We wanted to put the hoses through different sorts of tests so the overall grading and comparison would be fair. Everybody has different needs and if one person likes a certain hose better than the other, that doesn’t mean the next person will feel the same.

After each hose was graded, the reviewers compared their findings and decided on the best of the best hoses for the five categories above. The winner of each category was selected based off of a combined score from each of the reviewers and a computed overall average score.

The highest average score in each category was the winner of that category. The categories we chose to include were the Best Overall Must-Have, Best All-Weather, Most Durable, Best Lightweight Option, and For Those On A Budget. The reviewers agreed that there should be well rounded set of categories and felt these five were able to check all of boxes for their desires in a garden hose. The other garden hoses that were tested to success were listed under the Honorable Mentions section.

What to Look for in a Garden Hose

Have you ever thought about what you want in a garden hose? Chances are you probably go to the store and pick whichever fits into your budget and appears like it will do a good job. If you have ran into trouble with your hose later you may have thought back to why you picked it out in the first place and what you would get differently next time. Like most things, researching the product before you buy is always a good idea. If you don’t know where to start we suggest taking a look at three things when it comes to a quality garden hose: material, length, and coupling.

The material of the garden hose is very important because you want it to be tear resistant. Vinyl hoses may be the most lightweight but they are often not the most durable. If you want something that is going to stand the test of time then it’s best to go with rubber and reinforced hoses. They won’t snag, kink, or break as easily and they are resistant to extreme temperatures.

The length of the hose is equally important and also dependent on your specific situation. If you only have a small area that needs to be watered then you may not need a super long hose. If you have more expansive area to reach than a longer hose is probably necessary. With added length comes more difficulty to store. You can go the coiled option but make sure you pay attention to its material because sometimes the coiled hoses are made of weaker materials.

Finally, make sure you pay attention to the coupling. The coupling is where your hose connects to the water supply. Often cheaper hoses have weak couplings that can bend easily and break. The best option is going to be a brass coupling, preferably with a reinforced rubber section attached to it to prevent bending.

Care and Maintenance of your Garden Hose

Proper care and maintenance is essential when making sure your garden hose lasts you a long time. If you want your hose to perform like its supposed to, you have to take care of it. Your garden hose should be put up somewhere either after each use. One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to keep your hose in great condition is to use a simple hangar. They can be found at any home improvement store in the garden center and are easy to install as well.

You just wrap your hose around it after each use and it stays off the ground and out of harm’s way. If your hose is left in the walkway chances are that it will probably get stepped on which could decrease the integrity of its structure. Any damage caused to the rubber or vinyl will ultimately result in you having to go out and replace the entire hose.  Also be sure to drain your hose of any access water after each use.

Whenever you are uncoiling or coiling your hose you should look for any kinks. When your garden hose kinks up the water flow is stopped and your garden hose is prone to damage. If your garden hose is kinking too often then that’s usually a pretty good sign that you need to replace it with a new one.

Before you uncoil your house, make sure you connect the end to your faucet. That way your faucet will serve as an anchor source as you pull the hose out. Another good tip is to turn the water on while your hose is still coiled because it will be easier this way to remove any kinks and tangles as it expands. If your garden hose is not weather proof, you may also need to make sure you bring it inside if you are expecting any extreme weather.

A good freeze can destroy a garden hose. Taking care of your garden hose is pretty straight forward and even when you do get those small tears or kinks, they can be fixable. Just make sure you take the time to properly put your garden hose away after every use and you are guaranteed to have a longer lasting tool.

Wrapping Things Up

Garden hoses are affordable tools that help make our outdoor lives easier. Whether we need to wash our cars or water the lawn, garden hoses are extremely handy. Better yet is a garden hose that is perfectly suited to our specific needs and lifestyle.

It is important to remember to consider the material, length and coupling of the garden hose you are looking to buy your next garden hose. Also, proper care and maintenance can easily extend the life of your garden hose and save you money in the long run.

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