Best Smart Lock for AirBnB: Are Smart Locks A Good Idea?

Thanks to the growing popularity of Airbnb, VRBO and other tech-based short-term rental programs, millions of travelers each year are foregoing traditional hotel stays in favor of staying in fully-equipped homes and apartments. However, this new form of lodging does pose one significant challenge: providing the customer with secure access to the rental property, especially if the owner doesn’t happen to be in the same city at the time.

Fortunately, technology has also provided a convenient solution to this conundrum: the smart lock. Instead of having to hide a physical key on-site or meet to transfer it to the renter, property owners can simply install a smart lock and provide a new, temporary access code set to expire at the end of the rental.

Smart locks use PIN codes, Bluetooth connectivity and even biometric scans to grant entry to authorized users. Unlike traditional key locks, they can’t be picked and are nearly impossible to hack, making them a secure and convenient choice for property managers. Best of all, they also allow you to monitor and manage the property from anywhere in the world via smartphone app. But what is the best smart lock for AirBnB use? Let’s check out three choices we recommend.

Best Smart Lock for AirBnB: Three Great Options

While there are dozens of smart locks available in a wide range of prices, a few models have proven to be the most convenient, reliable and secure options for vacation rental properties:

Schlage Z-Wave Connect

  • Touchscreen mechanism with physical key backup
  • Z-Wave functionality works with other smart systems
  • Apps for iPhone and Android allow for convenient remote management

Kwikset SmartCode 916 Touchscreen Deadbolt

  • Remote management via Z-Wave
  • Additional features include one-touch locking and optional automatic locking after 30 seconds
  • Holds up to 30 unique user codes at once
  • Smart Key security protects against advanced break-in techniques and lets you re-key your lock in seconds

Yale Assure Connected by August Touchscreen Smart Lock

  • Replaces your existing deadbolt to eliminate the hassle of physical keys
  • Share access, customize settings and monitor who’s unlocking the door with the August smartphone app
  • Bluetooth access unlocks the door with your smartphone – no code required
  • DoorSense feature alerts you if your door is left open

Have a Backup Plan

Smart locks are incredibly convenient, but no technology is completely error-proof. Taking a few proactive steps prior to your guest’s arrival can help ensure the check-in process goes smoothly for everyone.

  • Have a backup code ready to provide the renter in case the first one doesn’t work for any reason.
  • Avoid installing a system that requires your guest to download an app to access the property. After a long day of traveling, no one wants the hassle of having to download and set up an app, especially if their phone battery is running low.
  • Make sure your entryway is well-lit so guests can easily see and operate the touchpad.
  • In the event that your smart lock malfunctions or your guest is unable to operate the lock, it’s a good idea to have a backup key secured in a lockbox somewhere on-site.

The best smart lock for AirBnB usage is a tricky subject. However, armed with the knowledge necessary, you can make the decision quick and simple.

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