Black and Decker Electric Chainsaw Review

From workbench tools to yard equipment, Black & Decker’s “20V Max” battery system keeps you free from gasoline engines and bulky extension cords.  The LCS1020 10” chain saw is the perfect addition to this power system’s family.  Light weight and heavy duty, this small powerhouse will clear limbs and cut debris all while operating on a single 20V battery.


Key Features:


When you’re buying an electric chainsaw, you know right away you aren’t purchasing a lumberjack level tool.  This class of chainsaw is made for the occasional home user, someone who may not have a lot of experience with heavy tool usage.  So it’s a great feature to have tool-less chain tension adjustments on the Black & Decker LCS1020.  Constant chain adjusting has been reduced to the simple turn of a knob for the home user, eliminating one of the hassles of chainsaw operation.


The wrap-around bale handle is a wonderful component to this electric chainsaw.  Inclusion of this professional grade handle on the smaller home model keeps the saw’s ability to comfortably and safely cut in multiple positions.  Turning the saw to the side may be the safest way to cut a particular limb, and with the wrap-around handle, you will still be able to work the saw safe and secure in your proper grip.




The bar and chain oil reservoir has a clear window that allows the user to quickly assess the level of oil remaining and top off the oil before the bar and chain run dry.  Keeping the chain saw’s bar and chain properly lubricated is the key to longevity and extended use.


Weighing in at a mere 7.2 pounds, this electric chainsaw is one of the lighter models on the market and will minimize fatigue and exhaustion while using this feather weight tool.  Holding the Black & Decker LCS1020 overhead to saw off a tree limb will be easier and safer since the balance and heft of the saw is only just over seven pounds.





It’s easy to dismiss a single complaint on a single bad review, but nearly every review, good and bad, mentions this chainsaw model’s oiling system as lacking.  Part of this problem can be explained away with poor advertising or bad hyping.  The Black & Decker LCS1020 is a manually oiled system, but their next model up, the LCS1240, has an auto-oiler and the two are often shown side by side and Black & Decker’s own advertisements leaves it vague, opting to hype the auto-oiling system leaving the consumer to assume both model saws are auto oiled.


This saw runs on a 20v battery, the same Black & Decker “20V Max” system that runs many other popular products.  However, the battery shipped with the unit is not the 3Ah battery shown as an option, but only a 1.3Ah.  This battery is underpowered to the point where it dies out after ten minutes of moderate to heavy use.  The improved battery option is very nearly a necessity, not a luxury and should have been the default battery shipped with the tool to begin with.


Our Verdict:


The Black & Decker LCS1020 is a good chainsaw for light use around the home, out camping, or any other infrequent need.  The tool less tensioner and clear oiler window makes this a prime tool for the homeowner who may be new to heavy yard tools such as a chainsaw and doesn’t need or want a large overpowered unit to keep the yard clear of the occasional fallen limb.

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