Bostitch Nail Gun Review

When looking for a reliable siding nailer, the Bostitch N66C represents the top tier of its class.  This pneumatic nail gun offers a wheel adjusted depth control, soft rubber impact foot, and a fully adjustable exhaust port much like the competition, however this model is backed by an amazing warranty and comes with a carry case.

Key Features:

This Bostitch N66C comes with options for both variants, the N66C-1 and the N66C-2.  A simple replacement with the included trigger mechanism turns the black-trigger N66C-1 Contact Trip nail gun into the grey-trigger N66C-2 Sequential Trip nail gun.  This grants you the option of standard single fire or bump-style contact trigger in the same tool.

Coil fed nail magazine holds 300 siding nails.  Higher capacity feed means less time loading and reloading and more time on the task at hand.  The coil magazine has a simple twist and lock design to accommodate nails between 1.25” and 2.5” long.  Both wire weld and plastic collated nails can be loaded and depending on the string, some reviews report that the capacity can be closer to 350 nails with tighter strings of nails.


Bostitch is a recognized and trusted brand, perhaps their reliability is the reason behind an unmatched 7 year limited warranty.  Heavy use items like nail guns generally offer 1 to 3 year warranties, this tool is backed by an unusually long guarantee which is very telling of the company’s confidence in their product.

The coil style nail magazine can accommodate a wide variety of nail sizes and will also work with both plastic collated as well as wire weld nail strings.  This diversity in options allows the user to obtains nails from any source and use this tool on any possible jobsite.


Though the advertised range of nails extends from 1.25” to 2.5”, many reviews claim that the company may have over extended themselves in claiming upper range of possibilities in extreme circumstances.  Multiple reports of the 2.5” nails not driving completely home are common and could mean that the upper reliable range is closer to 2.25”, not 2.5”

The old adage of “you get what you pay for” often hold true in the realm of tool purchases, but the Bostitch N66C is a little on the pricey side.  It is a complete package and powerful siding nailer, but expect to pay a little more for the Bostitch name.  Worth it?  Probably yes, but the cost does stand out among its class.

Our Verdict:

The Bostitch N66C is a solid contender for your siding nailer needs.  It’s versatility and reliability make it the tool to reach for, but the higher cost and limited impact on longer nails may give you enough pause to reach for another nail gun.  The brand recognition and backed guarantee may be the peak that brings you over the edge on deciding to purchase this tool and if you aren’t driving nails at the upper limits of its power, you will not be disappointed.

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