Swann Camera Review

It pretty darn hard to find a decent security camera that offers good features without necessarily blowing a hole in your wallet, but Swann does precisely that. Honestly, this camera wasn’t on my review list initially, but the specs impressed me. “How could anything this low-priced by worthwhile,” I whispered upon checking the features. When … Read more

Ring Spotlight Review

Jamie Siminoff spent a good number of years pioneering the idea of a smart doorbell by crafting his devices to cater to homeowners’ needs, and armed with a clear vision, he launched Doorbot in 2012. The company didn’t stop at doorbells through, as it soon expanded to the home security industry and became Ring. Does … Read more

Nest Cam Review

Break-ins are increasing significantly these days, which is why monitoring the outside of your house or property is becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. The problem with security camera systems – especially outdoor ones – is that most of them require professional installation and wads of wires and mounts to function properly, but not … Read more

Arlo Pro 2 Review

I lived in an era when guard dogs reigned supreme when it comes to keeping burglars away. Today, the world is evolving, and security camera systems are taking the lead in this industry. It’s easy to see why. They’re convenient, they’re good looking, and they allow you to keep an eye on your property, kids, … Read more

Choosing the Best Security Camera System: 4 Great Options

best security camera system

Here’s a free fact: you can never be too careful. How many times have you left the house for a vacation just to keep wondering whether your property is safe when you’re away? Even after double checking that everything’s well locked, you’d still be worried about the garden, break-ins, burglars, etc. Well, you’re not alone … Read more