Champion 3500 Portable Generator Review

Tired of dealing with an under-performing generator? If so, it may be time to consider investing in the Champion 3500. This generator is integrated with premium-grade components and state-of-the-art technology that work together to provide continuous power for all kinds of situations.

Whether you are looking for a generator to power your appliances, fifth wheel or tools, you cannot go wrong with this model. It is ready to start powering your devices right out of the box.

Picking The Right Generator: The Champion 3500

People shopping for a generator for the first time don’t usually know where to start. This is completely understandable because the generator market can be a murky one. That being said, as long as you know what qualities to look for and what your needs are then you shouldn’t have a problem choosing the very best generator for you.

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The very first thing that needs to be considered when shopping is power capacity. How many items do you plan on running and what are their electrical ratings? Are you going to be running heavy-duty appliances that will require more startup power than most traditional appliances?


Features of the Champion 3500

If you are seeking a generator that can power a number of devices simultaneously then you certainly do not want to buy the first and cheapest generator that you come across. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to run out and buy the most expensive generator if you are only powering a few select items.

Automatic Shutoff

Damage caused by low oil levels is most often irreparable. This is why it is crucial to prevent this from happening. Champion designed its 3500 Generator with a low shutoff sensor. This safety device works by sending out an alert when the oil reaches the minimum level.

The alert calls for the generator to shut down in an effort to protect the most vital internal components. If you have ever dealt with such an issue, you know how expensive it is to replace an engine or other internal components of a generator.

Lower Operational Noise Levels

All generators produce a specific amount of noise. This noise can lead to hearing loss in workers who are employed in the construction industry. Also, if you are planning on utilizing the generator to power your RV or fifth wheel camper, you do not want to disturb your neighbors.

To keep the noise levels to a minimum, Champion designed its 3500 Generator to operate quicker than most of the competitor brands. The noise generated by this generator has been measured at 60dBA at a distance of 23-feet.

Power Surge Protection 

Power surges are very rare with generators. However, there is still a slight risk. To protect all of the devices, the Champion 3500 is designed with a Volt Guard. This design prevents overloads from occurring, which in turn prevents damage caused by voltage spikes.

Built-In Voltmeter

Ever wonder how much power your generator is generating? The only way to determine the actual power output is with a voltmeter. But, who has time to perform such a test when they are on a tight schedule? The Champion 3500 has a built-in voltmeter to remove all of the guesswork. The voltmeter reading will tell you exactly how much power the generator is producing.

Backed By Good Warranty

All generators include a manufacturer’s warranty. These warranties generally only cover the generators for a year. Well, this is not the case with the Champion 3500, which is backed by a limited 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. If the generator malfunctions during the warranty period, Champion will resolve the issue in a timely manner. Along with the 3-year warranty, all customers receive free lifetime technical support.

EPA Certified And CARB Compliant

The creators of the Champion 3500 not only took the time to make sure that the generator was built with durability in mind, but they made sure it was EPA certified and CARB compliant. This means that the Champion 3500 is not only efficient, but it is more economical than most generators. Running this generator might actually save you a little money on fuel costs when compared to other models.

Powering With The Champion 3500

The Champion 3500 features 4000 starting watts and an impressive 3500 running watts. This should literally be enough power to start up and run most standard household appliances. This is even true with the heavier duty ones. You will even see that the online brochure says that the machine can start and run a 15,000 BTU air conditioner.

The Champion 3500 also features a number of outlets so that users can power an array of electrical devices. Located on the machine there is a 120V 30A locking outlet, a 120V RV outlet, and a 120V 20A household outlet. Whatever you are looking to power, you should not have a problem doing so with the Champion 3500.

There is also a 3.8-gallon tank included on the Champion 3500. This size tank can provide right around twelve hours of operation on a fifty percent load. If you are running it at full capacity, you might be lucky to get eight or nine hours.


Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Champion 3500

It doesn’t matter if you are looking at the most expensive generator on the market or the cheapest, there is a good chance that you are going to find some complaints from consumers. This is one area where the Champion 3500 is no different.

The Advantages Of The Champion 3500

  • Completely affordable for the average individual
  • Easy to maintenance and setup
  • The steel frame is extremely durable and can stand up to damage
  • Provides enough power to power the household essentials
  • Comfortably quite
  • Includes a handy cold start feature
  • More lightweight and portable than most models

The Disadvantage Of The Champion 3500

  • Does include a wheel kit
  • The handle hangs over the exhaust

Alternatives to the Champion 3500

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a generator that can start and run heavy-duty appliances, look no further than the Champion 3500. It might not include all the fancy features of the pricier generators, but for the price, you really cannot beat this mid-level generator.

When you do your research you will see that there is a lot of hype surrounding the Champion 3500, but it should be clear that it impresses. In fact, it seems like the only major flaw with the Champion 3500 is that it does not include a wheel kit. Luckily, the generator is still light enough to maneuver around comfortably.


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