Continental Garden Hose Review

Continental is a company that attends to not one but several niches at once by producing products for each of them. It advertises itself as a reliable company that uses robust and reinforced materials to manufacture some of the most efficient and long-lasting products in the market.

Continental garden hose is one of the most celebrated outdoor garden tools because of its durability and efficiency. It can withstand the weather of all kinds especially winter and summer. Weather is a crucial variable when it comes to choosing a garden hose and continental has designed all their products studying this variable closely.

Features of the Continental Garden Hose

Suitable for All Climates

Buying a hose that can withstand different weather conditions is nothing but beneficial for you. A hose that won’t shrink in the summer heat or freeze in the biting cold of winter will protect your investment. Continental garden hose is made from rubber and uses brass for fittings, which mean you can use it throughout the year without fearing any consequences.

Whether you are living in Arizona where scorching sun rays are expected in summer or you live in Canada and experience its fierce winter, a Continental garden hose can fend for itself through all of it.

The material used in Construction

The construction of a garden hose is much more complex than you’d think. An efficient hose must resist not only the effects of changing the weather but also corrosion, kinks and accidental crushes when spread on the ground. Continental garden hose checks all those requirements needed to make it one of the best garden hoses. It can resist kinks and tangles common in pipes, hoses, and anything of length.

Its brass fittings make it withstand a certain level of pressure which means its body won’t crush or collapse if you accidentally step on it. Moreover, it will not succumb to the effects of humid air and warm climate in general which means it can resist the accumulation of mineral leading to corrosion and abrasion.

Dynamics & Access

The dynamics of a hose affects its efficiency greatly. For instance, its length facilitates your mobility around your garden and diameter impacts the pressure of the water. Manufacturers need to pay extra mind to these two variables or else your access to certain places in your garden will be hindered greatly.

Continental garden hose has a remarkable diameter of 0.9 inches which helps it to facilitate a smooth and rapid water stream to flow out of your hose and give your garden the much-needed respite.

Pros and Cons of the Continental Garden Hose

Continental garden hose is admittedly one of the best garden hoses you’ll come across during your research. All of those features make sure that it scores a spot in every ‘top garden hose’ list yet it still may cause minor inconveniences for its users. These inconveniences are mentioned under the heading of cons to give you a complete understanding of the product.


  • Impressive pressure flow
  • Kink and twist-resistant
  • Reliable during all seasons
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Crush resilient
  • Compact design
  • Increased flexibility


  • Limited length
  • Unreasonable pricing
  • No mention of a warranty
  • Might get stiff during blizzards
  • Rubber might be ho to touch during summer
  • Comes in only black color
  • Life relevancy not defined

Our Experience with the Continental Garden Hose

Continental garden hose was exceptionally useful as it never leaked once during the time, we used it. Its brass fittings made it resist foot crushes and pressure leaks conveniently. The material used in the construction of this hose is rubber and brass which have impressive durability and extendibility that can withstand different climate changes.

Often we forgot or were too lazy to pack it up and stow it away in our storeroom but that never affected its performance. It worked the same way it did when we first bought it.  Its length also facilitated our movements during our work greatly. We never felt the need to buy an extension hose to increase its length.

Garden Hose Alternatives

  • EnerPlex X-Stream garden hose
  • Apex garden hose

Our Verdict

Continental garden hose has been at the top of its game for years and has been one of the most applauded outdoor gardening tools of its time. Customers who have used this product have nothing but good things to say about its efficiency.

If not the most extreme seasons and climates, it can still withstand some difficult weather conditions. Furthermore, it is highly flexible because of its material of construction and won’t tear when pressured or harshly treated by its users.

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