Craftsman Garden Hose Review

If you’re a garden enthusiast and are looking for a great garden hose, then you have just found the right one for yourself. A garden hose is essential piece of equipment that everyone with a garden in their home should keep. Garden hoses not only help to water plants and crop that you are trying to grow in your backyard, but some are also designed to clean up dirt and undesirable substances from your backyard. These garden hoses are slightly more expensive because of the quality and value they provide you with, but in all reality, they are everything you have been searching for. The Craftsman Garden Hose is a premium garden essential to have.

Features of the Craftsman Garden Hose

The Craftsman Garden Hose has several features that you should be excited to own for yourself. These features make gardening easy and comfortable for you. Starting with the all-rubber build of the garden hose that gives you flexibility as well as strength for your product, you move to the 50-feet length of the garden hose that is enough to cover small to medium house gardens and backyards easily. The garden hose is built to withstand any temperatures from -21 degrees to 160 degrees, which makes it a great choice to keep in difficult geographical locations.

The crush-proof brass coupler adds extra durability to the entire hexagonal structure which helps to make it long-lasting. The company’s main purpose is to make a product that can last a lifetime with the consumer. What’s most intriguing is the amount of pressure this garden hose can handle. It is built with reinforced tire cords that can handle pressures of up to 500 PSI. This kind of burst pressure is most applicable when you are cleaning sticky dirt from your car or pavement. The company has built a garden hose that can be attached to more powerful methods of cleaning than just a mere tap.

This garden hose is tangle-proof as well so that you may not waste time trying to untangle the thing while trying to water your plants. Compared to other similar products, it is pretty cheap as well which gives you further motivation to want to purchase it. It costs $47 on Amazon.

Pros and Cons of Craftsman Garden Hoses

There are several pros and cons of this product that differentiates it from the rest. All of these positives and negatives come from having tested this product ourselves as well as having researched amongst different reviews from people all around the world.


  • All-rubber surface that provides longevity of use
  • 50-feet hose length that is enough for small to medium houses
  • Can withstand a wide range of temperatures
  • Can withstand 500PSI of burst pressure
  • Tangle-proof


  • It requires more pressure to fully expand the hose.
  • The rubber surface means more movement and can reduce aim.
  • It can get damaged with dog bites.

Personal Experience

We tried the garden hose in the backyard and saw how well it was doing compared to the other garden hoses we had. The Craftsman Garden Hose has great flexibility for starters as well as a good length that can be used to water plants all around the house. The hose tip has enough strength to withstand the initial pressure burst. We tried using flames to see how much heat the hose could withstand and it was just as the company claimed. After about 160 degrees, the hose showed signs of burning rubber. Overall, our experience with this hose was a 4.2 out of 5.

Alternatives to the Craftsman Garden Hose


Your search for a garden hose may have led you to something you know nothing about, but the Craftsman Hose has all the desired features that you need to make it all work fine. It will help you in keeping your backyard and porch clean as well. The main features of this hose including the flexibility and the longevity of use gives you value for your money even after years of deteriorating circumstances. This accounts for all sorts of weather conditions. And if the garden hose still continues to work, you can rest assured that those $47 paid all that time ago were completely worth it. After all, nothing that lasts 20 years or more is ever worth that little in the market.

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