Delta Touchless Faucet Review

Delta faucet has been a leading faucet company for a while now. They are known for their thoughtful and stylish designs that they have put forward after monitoring the wishes of their customers closely.

Delta faucet regards water as a vital part of human life that needs conservation and care just like any other non-renewable resource. This thought process has propelled them to innovate faucets that are the epitome of elegance and efficiency.

Technologies like Touch2O®, H2Okinetic®, and MagnaTite® Docking are the signature additions of Delta Faucet in their designs for which they have won several awards because of their competency.

Features of the Delta Touchless Faucet

Touch2O® Technology

Users of this faucet can touch any part of its body to turn it on and off. It responds to human skin almost immediately and is efficient when your hands are occupied.

MagnaTite® Technology

MagnaTite ® technology is used with Diamond Seal technology to avoid any leakage from the faucet and keep it docked at its place securely.

ShieldSpray Technology

Moreover, its ShieldSpray technology ensures that you don’t create a mess while washing dishes or vegetables. There is considerably less splash and mess while using Delta Touchless Faucet.

Tempsense LED Indicator

It uses Tempsense LED indicator to highlight the temperature of the water. If the light is blue, then that means the water temperature is 80° F or less than that. But if the light is turned red then the temperature has reached 110°F. Pink or purplish light indicates a mild temperature of 95°F .


It has a dual power mode which includes 6 AA batteries and an AC adaptability. The user of the faucet can decide which one of these two methods they want their faucet to use for operation.

The Tempsense LED also indicates when your battery needs changing.

Touch-Clean Facility

The flow of the water from the spray’s holes is unhindered as they can be cleaned with simple finger rubs. Accumulated calcium and lime is wiped off by your fingers’ pressure.

As a result, when you use either the stream or the spray operation of the faucet, the flow of water remains remarkable.

Dual-stream modes

Delta redefines everything you know about a faucet’s functionality as they incorporate their latest technology in their designs. Delta Touchless faucet can switch between a simple stream of water as well as a spray to assist you through tasks of different nature. One can switch between these two streaming modes with simple hand movements.

Pros & Cons of the Delta Touchless Faucet

The efficiency of Delta Touchless Faucet is evidently unmatched but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any drawbacks that Delta can improve on. Not everything that Delta offers meets the standard of every generation. Hence, we have compiled a list of all the cons that might trouble people with different preferences.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Replaceable batteries.
  • Assisted maneuverability.
  • No leakage.
  • Temperature Indicator.
  • Splash-free.
  • Single-touch operation.
  • Dual-stream mode.


  • More maintenance.
  • The battery needs replacement.
  • Bears finger imprints.
  • Manual temperature adjustments.
  • Tricky Installation.
  • Possible leakages.
  • Accidental power on/off

Our Experience with the Delta Touchless Faucet

Delta Touchless Faucet truly serves what it advertises from its top-class design to its easy to use functionality. We found it complemented our kitchen’s interior as well as the needs of people in our house.

Furthermore, while using this faucet we didn’t have to think much about the temperature of the water as its Tempsense were always working efficiently.

The most convenient feature was Touch-Clean technology that made cleaning the holes of the spray a lot easier than it was ever before. The mess created by water splashes while washing dishes is a lot less because of its ShieldSpray technology.

Alternatives to the Delta Touchless Faucet

  • Meon Touchless Faucet
  • Kohler Touchless Faucet

Our Verdict

Delta Touchless faucet is a perfect blend of innovation and elaborate design that compliments the surroundings. Anyone who wants to turn their old-fashioned kitchen into something new and exciting can add Delta Touchless faucet in their kitchen’s interior.

It creates very less mess due to its retractable hose that has an impressive length of several inches. Furthermore, it can sense the temperature of the water flowing in your house’s pipeline and can indicate it by changing the light of the LED below its base. This remarkable technology installed in its faucet is what makes it a perfect choice for households with small kids. You don’t have to worry about accidentally burning your kid’s skin as the faucet will alert you about it beforehand.

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