Drill Press Safety Pointers

A drill press can be used for both woodworking and metalworking, and it’s a helpful tool for when you want to drill something more precisely than would be possible manually. However, like with any other piece of heavy equipment, every operator needs to know how to use it properly so that it isn’t a hazard. Drill press safety is crucial.

There are a lot of things to keep track of when using a drill press, and this guide is in no way a replacement for proper training on the use of this kind of tool. If you’re going to use a drill press, make sure that you’ve been taught about its safe operation in a one-on-one environment to avoid any potential injuries. The following are some drill press safety tips.

Read the Instructions

Before you even get started using your drill press, you’ll want to go through the owner’s manual for the machine so that you can see if it has any peculiarities or features to take note of. Some models may be arranged differently to the press that you were trained on, but most of the controls should be similar.

What to Wear

When using a drill press, you’ll need to wear the proper safety equipment in case something ends up going wrong. As with any other heavy tool, you’ll want to use impact-rated safety glasses or goggles when you’re using a drill press, and they should be up to ANSI specifications so that you can be sure of their resistance.

Make sure that you don’t wear any loose clothing like a tie, as that can end up caught in the drill press. If you’re wearing long sleeves, be sure to roll them up so that they won’t get in the way while you work. You should also avoid wearing accessories like watches, rings, or bracelets.

Preparing the Drill Press for Use

When you’re getting ready to start using a drill press, you’ll want to make sure that the start and stop button is within quick reach. You should also ensure that the emergency stop function is working. Before you start working, check the guard or shield, and ensure that it’s locked in place.

You should also always ensure that the workpiece is securely in place, held by either a vise or a clamp so that it doesn’t spin while it’s being worked on. Finally, if you’re drilling through metal, you’ll want to make sure that the drill bit is fully lubricated to avoid any potential damage.

Tips While in Use

Make sure that you don’t force the drill if it’s not making it through the workpiece. Be sure to never adjust the speed or other settings while the drill press is in operation. Don’t leave the chuck key in the chuck after you have completed your adjustments. Finally, never leave the machine on unattended.

Final Drill Press Safety Pointers

While a drill press isn’t an inherently dangerous tool, it can be quite hazardous to untrained operators. It’s important to always follow these safety guidelines while operating ones of these machines, and we hope that we’ve been able to summarize them succinctly.

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