Earthwise Electric Chainsaw Review

The 16” bar, 12A electric motor Earthwise CS33016 chainsaw is a powerful tool to have around the house.  Lightweight at just 9.9 pounds, tool-less chain tension and arriving fully assembled, this chainsaw may be the tool for the home user that needs a chainsaw but hasn’t had a vast experience with heavy yard tools.


Key Features:


AC powered so there are no batteries to worry about.  Dead batteries, low drain batteries, waiting around for them to charge up… none of that is a worry with the Earthwise CS33016 electric chainsaw.  AC powered saws have unlimited cuts per use compared to those operating on a battery platform.  Batteries certainly have their remote location use, but for most of your home chainsaw needs you only need to plug in your extension cord and you have chainsaw power at your fingertips.


The clear window into the bar and chain oil reservoir gives you a fast indication of how much oil you have in the tool and when you will need to top off the tank.  Bright green, yellow, and red indicators give you the unambiguous advisory when you have plenty of oil, need to start thinking of adding more, and when you are at minimum and need to fill up right away.




Lots of complaints and hassles of working with chainsaws come from the inadequate oiling of your bar and chain.  These working parts are cutting through wood and encountering high levels of friction.  Adequate lubrication is required to keep these parts working in top condition.  Earthwise CS33016 has a gravity-fed automatic oiler that will keep your chainsaw properly lubricated so you can focus on cutting.


This level of electric chainsaw class is not for the professional user and is focused more on the occasional home user who doesn’t necessarily need a large overbearing chainsaw and may not possess a large workbench or tool shed.  This chainsaw is shipped fully assembled and ready for use without worrying about proper construction and chain installation.





The 12A motor leaves a little to be desired when it comes to power.  Your average home user may not feel the difference between a 12A and 15A motor, but when bucking logs or cutting through particularly difficult debris, this saw may be underpowered and bog down under heavy pressure.


Electric motors have a wonderful “ON/OFF” dichotomy that gasoline powered engines can’t compare with.  When you pull that trigger on an electric motor, you can give 100% of the power immediately without ramping up to full power.  And the reverse is also true, releasing the trigger can stop all power.  However, this chainsaw allows the chain to spin to a stop when the trigger is released.  The chain brake bar functions as a “full stop” but releasing the trigger does not.


Our Verdict:


While slightly underwhelming in comparison to other models, the 12A motor and 16” bar are still fully capable of meeting the average light duty home user’s needs.  Available at many outlets as less expensive than these other models with larger capacities, this solid chainsaw may be all the cutting power you need for less cost.

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