Eemax Tankless Water Heater Review

Do you know what my grandpa used to say? He said: “When you’re too cold to use the fax, take a shower with Eemax.” Well, obviously, I made that up, but that doesn’t deny the fact that Eemax is a reputable manufacturer in the tankless water heating industry. Among the company’s products, there’s one unit that outshines the rest by offering impressive heating capabilities at a fair price; the Eemax EEM24018 Electric Tankless Water Heater, which is the model that we’re reviewing today.


Design and Construction

Measuring merely 17 x 14 x 3.8 inches, the EEM24018 Tankless Water Heater is quite the compact unit. Thanks to its small, convenient size, this water heater can be installed anywhere, whether it be inside a closet, under the kitchen sink, or simply in the bathroom. The unit looks good too, as it sports a beautiful blue exterior, which means that you can use it to enrich your décor even further.


Eemax provides its own installation instruction manual, which is fairly comprehensive and easy to follow. As with the other products in this category, make sure to seek professional help from a certified plumber if you’re not comfortable around electrical parts and plumbing tools. Also, hiring an accredited technician guarantees that your guarantee won’t go null.


Despite its compact size, the Eemax EEM24018 Tankless Water Heater works perfectly and can provide a continuous supply of hot water whenever you need it. The unit makes use of self-modulatory technology to save on energy and only consume as much electricity as needed to accommodate your needs.

The EEM24018 can be used for both residential and commercial use, as it provides enough heat to cover up to one shower and a couple sinks simultaneously in cold climates and up to four showers at once in hot climates. Who needs more than that anyway, right?


The warranty is where this tankless water heater disappoints, as Eemax offers a 5-year warranty on leakage and only a 1-year warranty on parts. Manufacturers usually provide a minimum of 2 to 3 years in terms of guarantee on this kind of product, which sets the Eemax EEM24018 behind its peers in this department. It’s still a solid model though, so you needn’t worry much about the warranty.


Although the Eemax EEM24018 Tankless Water Heater is not the cheapest product in this category, it does live up to its cost and offer what’s promised, making it quite the sound purchase.

Verdict on the Eemax EEM24018

The Eemax EEM24018 is a quality tankless water heater that comes from a well-known manufacturer. The price is reasonable, and the heating capabilities are on par with other water heaters in the same price range. For the simple homeowner, this is all you’ll need for a refreshing hot shower whenever you want one.


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