Genesis Drill Press Review

The Genesis brand brings you high quality tools at a lower cost.  The GDP805P is a five speed bench drill press that will cut consistent and clean holes on any of your home hobby builds.  The 1/2” chuck and 45° tilting 6.25” table will provide the versatility of size and space without occupying your entire build area.


Key Features:


The cast iron base on this model really lowers the center of mass and makes for a nicely portable unit.  It is highly recommended that you secure your bench drill press to a surface before use, but there are occasions where you may need to keep your press portable.  With other units, a cast aluminum base just doesn’t have enough weight or stability to keep your bench drill press operating safely.  The Genesis GDP805P has a hefty cast iron base and is a solidly built machine.


Open the pulley housing and you will find that not only is the entire drill press assembly constructed from sturdy metal, but the pulleys are metal as well.  Metal pulley construction is a rarity in this lower tier small bench drill press market.  Many other manufacturers have gone to plastic or composite pulleys.  The solid manufacturing and reliable metal pulleys eradicate one of the more common points of failures in these machines.




Cost is always something you are comparing when shopping for nearly anything.  And while the old adage of “you get what you pay for” is certainly true in the hardware and tool market, there are times when you come across a good deal for your wallet.  The Genesis GDP805P is one of those deals.  This small drill press is consistently less expensive than its competitors and holds up well under comparison.


This model is also one of the lighter bench drill presses available.  Weighing in at just under 30 pounds, this unit is truly portable and won’t break your back in transport.  Beefy enough to get the job done, light enough to move to the workbench when needed.





The motor is on the smaller side of the scale when comparing to other bench drill presses on the shelf.  2.6A is enough to do the job but other manufacturers offer higher power drills resulting in an unfair comparison.  The Genesis GDP805P is for the home hobbyist and DIY enthusiast.  This tier of drill press is not intended for large industrial jobs and while a 2.6A drill may appear underpowered when directly compared to other models, it is within its class to provide reliable service.


The manual five speed pulley system is consistent with others drill presses, but the minimum speed on this model is 760RPM, slightly higher than the lowest speeds of other drill presses.  While 760RPM is capable of drilling into most home projects, if you need slower speed for drilling larger bits into harder materials, or larger diameter hole-saws, 760RPM is the slowest this drill can go.


Our Verdict:


Bearing in mind that this size bench drill press is not intended to bore dramatically large holes into industrial materials, this is one of the better choice bench drill presses available for the price.  The solid build, metal pulley wheels, and lower cost make the Genesis GDP805P a great choice for the home work bench tinkerer who knows the limitations of their tools and knows what they need.

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