Greenworks Electric Chainsaw Review

The Greenworks 20332 has a strong 14.5A AC powered motor that will provide you with plenty of cutting power, an automatic bar and chain oiler to keep your tool in working order, and an 18” bar for larger, tougher jobs.  The tool-less chain tensioner and additional safety features make this chainsaw perfect for the home user.


Key Features:


The 18” bar on the Greenworks 20332 gives you the advantage over similarly priced model electric chainsaws that come with a 16” bar.  While the simple addition of 2 inches may not appear to be a critical concern, when you are battling to buck the trunk of a larger fallen tree, or dealing with oversized limbs, that 18” bar can mean the difference between a job well done, and a headache-causing hassle that just felt like it took too much out of you.


Any tool with fast moving parts and outdoor use can encounter some troubles.  Greenworks has a 4 year warranty on this model chainsaw and active customer service engaging product reviews to resolve those inevitable issues and concerns that crop up.  Aside from making a solid performing tool, this company is backing it up with long term guarantees and pro-active support should anything work less than perfect.




Considering the heavy duty work that is expected from any chainsaw, it is surprising to see that this Greenworks 20332 is nearly alone in offering a 14.5A motor while other models tend to top out around 12A in theirs.  More power in the motor is transferred into a quicker and easier job cutting up your logs.


This model is equipped with a chain stop feature in addition to the standard chain brake.  The chain brake is the large push bar in front of the handle grip that stops the chain from rotating when engaged, nearly every chainsaw has this function, however this model also stops rotating the chain immediately upon release of the trigger, a critical safety feature that is not a requirement but certainly a welcome addition.





The power of this awesome little saw may be its own undoing.  The vibrations of the motor tends to loosen up the plastic tension control knob causing loss of tension and a popped off chain.  You should be constantly checking your chain tension as you operate any chainsaw, but this saw may require you to check more often than you are used to doing.


Oiling your bar and chain is something you need to stay on top of with any chainsaw.  This model has an auto-oiler so it eliminates the need for your constant attention but this auto-oiler also eats through chain oil very quickly.  You will need to keep an eye on the oil levels and refill as necessary.  Better to have more oil than not enough, but you will need to remain aware of your levels during use.


Our Verdict:


Where the Greenworks 20332 really excels is in how it compares to its competition.  Comparable models offer shorter bars, weaker motors for similar prices.  This well equipped tool comes with a 4 year backing and plenty of good reviews.  For moderate home use, this is the chainsaw to purchase.

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