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Greenworks is a well-known name in the lawn mowing industry. They are the pioneers in the field of landscaping and battery-powered tools. Each of their products is meticulously designed to deliver consumer satisfaction.

This Greenworks Reel Mower has a sleek design, durable components, and comfortable to work it. Furthermore, Greenworks’ primary focus is to manufacture and distribute power tools that will reduce carbon footprints. Greenworks company provides the highest warranty in this industry.

This is because they are optimistic about the performances and structure of their products. The features of this product are given below.


Features Of Greenworks Reel Mower 25072

Greenworks Reel Mower is solely manually powered. Customers are guaranteed a long-lasting working of this product without the use of electricity or gas. Therefore, it significantly reduces the carbon footprint of their households, which makes it a healthy choice for the environment.

However, while making the purchase, the consumers should keep in mind that every reel mower, for instance, Greenworks Reel Mower is suitable for smaller yards. The product also has 20 inches wide cutting deck width, which is the highest limit in reel lawnmowers. 

5 blades are fitted into the blade reel to provide quick and accurate trimming of grass. Moreover, the product weighs around 39 pounds and is fitted with two 10 inches front wheel and two 6 inches rear wheels. Thus, it makes it simple for the customers to maneuver it. 

Furthermore, the traction provided by these wheels makes it suitable to work on an irregular ground too. The product is also virtually noiseless. Therefore, it gives consumers the flexibility to work in early mornings or nights without disturbing their family or community.

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Additional Attachments

Generally, it is rare to find a reel lawn mower that comes with supplementary attachments at low prices. Greenworks Reel Mower package is inclusive of a rear bag, which is used as a grass catcher. 

In addition to making it a less laborious task for the consumer, it also saves up the money usually spent on buying a rear bag.

Less Time-Consuming 

The product is fitted with the highest cutting width available in the range of reel mowers. This 20 inches wide cutting deck allows the consumer to cover a vast patch of grass at once. Besides, making the task less time-consuming and it also makes it more fun.


Generally, reel mowers are assumed to be harder to use as not many have the physical strength needed to push it manually. However, Greenworks Reel Mower weighs a minimum of 39 pounds, which makes it manageable for the consumer to maneuver it. 


Pros And Cons Of Greenworks Reel Mower 25072


  • Variable cutting height options ranging from 1.75 to 2.75 inches.
  • The rear bag collection technique reduces the manual labor for the consumer.
  • Creatively designed five blades increases the efficacy of the performance and also enable mulching.
  • No hefty maintenance costs as the blades require sharpening in 2 to 3 years.
  • Reduces carbon footprint, and thus making it eco-friendly.
  • Cost-effectiveness adds to the charm of the product.
  • Up to 4 years of limited warranty on the product and guaranteed consumer satisfaction for 30 days.
  • Comfortable to use and won’t wear down in the long run.



  • The handle of the Greenworks Reel Mower is not firm and durable.
  • It is difficult to mow along the edges of the fences and walls due to wider wheels.
  • The mower cannot handle difficulties such as tall grass blades and weeds. They get stuck in the cutting reel and therefore jamming it.



Flexibility in choices is a crucial factor. Thus, below are some alternatives to the Greenworks Reel Mower 25072 model that have similarities in their traits and performances.

  • Greenworks 25052 2-in-1 Push Reel Lawn Mower
  • Earth wise 515-18 Quiet Cut Push Reel Lawn Mower
  • American Lawn Mower Company 1815-18 Push Reel Lawn Mower
  • Great States 815-18 Push Reel Lawn Mower 


Our Final Verdict

According to the census, consumers found Greenworks Reel Mower 25072 desirable and dependable. The awareness about global warming and climate change is spreading invariably. This has encouraged many people to make sustainable lifestyle changes.

The Greenworks Reel Mower is an ideal place to start protecting the environment. Besides saving the planet, they also lessen the financial burdens. First, it is a cheap product that can be easily afforded by the majority of the population. Second, there no extra expenses after buying this product. Furthermore, the low maintenance factor saves up a lot of time for the consumer too.

9 height settings provide ample freedom for the consumer to choose from. The appearance of the lawn will always be appealing as the blades provide a clean, precise cut. In brief, the combination of these features is difficult to locate in a single reel mower. Thus, the product qualifies to be unique and a wise purchasing decision.

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