Gro Sprinkler Controller Review

Gro strives to transform your house’s irrigation system into something spectacular with the help of tech and innovation. Pioneers of Gro will tell you to leave the old school ways of gardening behind and become one with the new age of tech and cloud computing.

They have introduced their smart Gro sprinkler controller that works efficiently with several devices. The app is easy to understand and offers you quick responses regardless of your location anywhere in the world.  The struggle of Gro to revolutionize gardening with the help of tech doesn’t just end here. Each year they introduce something new to take their mission one step ahead.

Features of the Gro Sprinkler Controller

Device Compatibility

Gro has made staying connected to your sprinkler easy by introducing their app. This app is compatible with not only Android or iOS devices but both. No matter where you are in the world, if you have this app in your mobile you can control your sprinklers and schedule watering in your garden from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, it also works fine with voice home assistant devices that include Google Assistant as well as Alexa Home.

Weather Data Analytics

Gro sprinkler controller is an updated version that collects forecast data from different sources and times your watering schedule based on these data. The temperature statistics and changing weather of your gardening area help it determine how much and when you need to water your garden. This automation has truly helped the users in keeping their garden alive while making sure no water is wasted.

Controls Irrigation in 7 Zones

Gro sprinkler controller is specifically designed as an outdoor gardening tool that helps you maintain authority over 7 different gardening zones at once.

It irrigates and nurtures those zones through its water facility which results in a prospered garden. Gro app offers advanced settings that you can customize according to your preferences. It allows you to use some sprinklers selectively while opting to turn off others. Furthermore, you can also control its pressure through its app.

User-Friendly Design

Gro sprinkler controller has a sleek design that can fit well with your interior without looking invasive in your house. As stated earlier, it has its trademarked app that works well with plenty of devices and us easy to comprehend and navigate.

Impressive Design

Gro sprinkler controller has a sleek and attractive design that you can install anywhere in your house. Moreover, you don’t have to be a tech genius to install this controller in your house.

Pros and Cons of the Gro Sprinkler Controller

Gro Sprinkler controller is a remarkable product with plenty of useful features to accommodate its users. It is difficult to conclude our review without mentioning its cons. These drawbacks present a contrasting view of Gro sprinkler controller which is both rewarding and fulfilling when it comes to deciding on your purchase.


  • User-friendly app
  • Easy to comprehend
  • Multiple operations
  • 7 Zone irrigation
  • Weather analysis
  • Guided gardening
  • Quick responses


  • Lack of guarantee
  • No certifications mentioned
  • Only for the USA
  • Installation

Our Experience with the Gro Sprinkler Controller

We have had developed this habit to control all the various appliances that surround us, from TVs to air conditioners from our phones. Even several tools in our kitchen can be operated through apps. It’s no surprise Gro decided to jump on the “world on your phone” ship and launched their sprinkler controlling app as well.

This app gave us unexplainable freedom and made sure that the efficiency of the sprinklers never gets compromised, no matter where we were in the world while operating it. It also has a certain level of automation that helped us to decide whether our garden needed watering or not using the updated weather data it collects from multiple resources.

Sprinkler Controller Alternatives

  • Rachio sprinkler controller
  • Rainmachine sprinkler controller
  • Havy sprinkler controller
  • Rainbird sprinkler controller

Our Verdict

The efficiency with which Gro sprinkler controller works is remarkable. It uses simple yet responsive interface to hook its users and then its compatibility with almost all devices makes it a favourite among customers.

Whether you are in your office or on a vacation, your garden won’t have to suffer as you can water it from anywhere in the world. One simply needs to have access to the internet and install the updated my Gro smart app on your phone and you are ready to water your garden.

In conclusion, Gro sprinkler controller is an impressive collaboration of old tradition and new tech.

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