How to Use a Wet Dry Vac: Maintaining Your Machine

In order to keep your wet dry vac in tip-top shape you will need to provide proper care for it. The manufacturer will provide a maintenance guide that may be specific to your make and model of wet dry vac but there are some basic tips that you can use no matter which one you have. Your machine is just like any other piece of electrical or mechanical equipment and needs to be serviced as such. A proper maintenance schedule should be put in place as to avoid any malfunctions your machine could experience due to a lack of quality control and care. It is crucial to know how to use a wet dry vac properly.

As long as you properly care for your wet dry vac and routinely service it, you shouldn’t have any unforeseen problems. The best part about these tips is that you don’t have to be a trained mechanic to perform this basic check up on your machine. It will also help you become more familiar with what your wet dry vac is capable of and extend its longevity. Always be sure to check your owner’s manual when you have questions that are specific to your machine. If you don’t have the printed version, make sure you check online on the manufacturer’s website.

How to Use a Wet Dry Vac: The Breakdown on Maintenance

Clean the filter after each use

Cleaning the filter is definitely not everybody’s favorite task but it can extend the life of your filter and save you money in the long run. Any disposable dust collection bags need to be removed and disposed of after each use. If you have a reuse filter bag make sure you clean it and shake any debris from it before putting it back in your wet dry vac. You can typically clean the reuse filter bag by simply sensing it after each use. Be careful to not tear the filter or wash it because it could shrink.

Clean the filter cage and float

After the filter is removed you will see the filter cage and float. These should also be free of debris and obstructions. The float is inside the filter cage and should be able to move about freely. The float can be removed for additional cleaning but make sure it is replaced back in the correct position before proceeding to operate the machine.

Verify the hose is free of obstructions or debris

Before and after each use you should check the hose to make sure it is free of obstructions or debris. Lodged debris could damage the hose or cause a backup in your wet dry vac. If there is a clog, you can remove the hose from the vac and remove the clog.

Use the correct filter

When it is time to replace the filter in your wet dry vac make sure you pay attention to the size so you buy the correct replacement. It is important that the sizing is correct so it will work properly and not cause any damage to your machine. The manufacturer or owner’s manual will have the part number that matches the specific filter your vac uses.

Clean the drum after each use

Just as important as cleaning the filter is cleaning the drum after each use. You can do this by removing the hood from the drum and dumping the debris into a trash can. To wash the drum you can use warm water and a mild soap so you don’t cause damage to the inside of the drum. When you are finished washing you can wipe the drum with a dry cloth. As an added measure you should disinfect the drum, especially if you cleaned up a toxic waste and are getting ready to store the wet dry vac for an extended period of time. To disinfect, use a gallon of water and one teaspoon of chlorine bleach in the drum. Allow the solution to set for 20 minutes before emptying and rinsing the drum carefully. Before sealing the drum make sure it is completely dry.

Oil the casters and wheels

To avoid noise and maintain smooth wheel operation you can oil the roller shaft and axle. A drop of oil should do the trick. This will improve mobility and reduce the amount of noise they give off.

Follow warnings, notes, and operating instructions per manufacturer’s guidelines

It is important to read the owner’s manual and any other operating manual given by the manufacturer. This will contain pertinent information that can help you during the use of your wet dry vac. There will also be a list or warnings and notes that you should pay extra attention to so you avoid any dangers.

Ensure the power cord is in proper condition, even when not in use

People often forget that the power cord to an electrical item is just as important as every other piece of equipment. When you unplug the power cord make sure you wrap it around the vac per guidelines expressed in the owner’s manual. If it is damaged, you will need to replace it.

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