How to Use an Electric Pressure Washer

If you want to scour a surface clean, especially if it’s outdoors, then a pressure washer will get the job done quickly and efficiently. However, due to the high-pressure water that they emit, these tools can be dangerous for untrained users, and they may seem a little intimidating when you first try them out.

Today, we’ll go over how to use an electric pressure washer so that you can do so comfortably and safely.

Setting it Up

When your pressure washer first arrives in the mail or when you pick it up from the store, and you open the box, you likely won’t find a complete pressure washer. For ease of delivery, it will usually be disassembled, so the first thing that you’ll have to do is put it together yourself.

Carefully read through the instructions fully before you even touch anything and then follow them as you assemble the tool. A poorly-assembled pressure washer can sometimes be hazardous, so don’t be afraid to double- or even triple-check to ensure that everything is where it should be.

How to Use an Electric Pressure Washer

Electric pressure washers, when compared to their gas-powered cousins, tend to be a lot easier to use, which makes them a popular choice for home use. Once you’ve assembled the pressure washer, all you’ll have to do is fill up the tank with water and your cleaning solution, plug it in, and you’ll be ready to go.

Be sure to carefully read through the instruction manual so that you can understand what each of the controls does. When dealing with high-pressure water, the last thing that you want to do is learn the controls of the machine through trial and error, as you can potentially hurt yourself or someone nearby.

You’ll want to keep the nozzle relatively far from the surface that you’re cleaning when you first start off, as it may get damaged if the pressure washer is too close to it. You should always begin with the widest nozzle that you have available to minimize the pressure and gradually work your way up if it isn’t enough.


If you want to operate your pressure washer safely, you’ll have to follow a few guidelines. First off, you should never point the nozzle at someone else, even if the machine is unplugged and the water reservoir is empty. Treat the nozzle of the pressure washer as you would a loaded gun.

You should also be careful when you’re pressure washing a surface, as the water can kick up rocks and other things on the ground, turning them into projectiles. You’ll always want to thoroughly clean the surface of any debris before you start pressure-washing to ensure that this doesn’t happen.


Using a pressure washer isn’t as hard as you’d expect, especially if it’s an electric model, though this can sometimes contribute to the danger, as it allows for more inexperienced users. We hope that this guide has told you all you need to know about electric pressure washer operation.

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