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The American based corporation Deere& Company is well-known in laborious sectors, for example, construction, forestry, and agriculture. In brief, the company has manufactured a vast range of heavy-duty equipment, which includes lawn maintenance machines. 

The organization came into existence in the late ’80s. Their immense experience in this field is partially the reason why their machines are highly efficient. Furthermore, the company’s name, John Deere, secured the 87th rank in America and it is one of the the Fortune 500 companies.

With such a stellar brand reputation, this product series from the company automatically becomes reliable. The John Deere E100 Front Engine Mower’s versatility is its most prominent factor. From a flexible turning radius to a cutting deck height with varieties in length, this product has it all. 

The lawnmower is exclusively manufactured in America and made from top-notch quality raw materials. Read below for more details about the product and its impressive performance, which undeniably makes it a must-buy for professionals.


Features of the John Deere E100

  • Horsepower: 17.5 HP
  • Width of cut: 42 inches
  • Fueling capacity: 2.4 gallons

Besides, these technical specifications, John Deere E100 Front Engine Mower, has more features that make it favorable among the users. Here are some of them.


Powerful Engine

The engine has 17.5 HP (13.0 kW), which makes it suitable for vigorous mulching and mowing. It is a single-cylinder type engine and has an electronic ignition that kick starts the mowing process. 

To ensure its durability and endurance, the land mower’s engine has a cast-iron along its cylindrical lining. Every feature of this engine is designed in a way to produce maximum efficacy.

Furthermore, the performance of this engine does not affect the quality of the environment. CARB (California Air Resources Board) has agreed the John Deere E100’s engine causes minimal air pollution. 

To prevent the throttle from being left at a choking posture, the engine has designed an advanced spring-return property. 


Smartly Designed Fuel Tank

As mentioned above, the fueling capacity of John Deere E100 Front Engine Mower is 2.4 gallons. This is higher than most lawn mower’s fuel tank capacity. Take inspiration from most vehicles, this lawnmower has a gauge that shows the quantity of fuel in the tank at that particular moment. 

 This makes it a convenient experience for the rider, as they don’t have to repeatedly leave their seat. Along with this, the position of the tank makes refueling easy.

Moreover, the fuel tank comes with a tethered and tightened fuel lid. This makes sure that the vapors don’t go outside the tank. In addition to this, the fuel’s strategic design ensures minimum wastage or prevents spillage of fuel.


Reliable Equipment

Having a presence in this industry for such a long period, the name John Deere has clearly become a synonym for reliability. Regardless of the product, you choose to buy from this company, it will exhibit the same level of expected performance.

The steel frame of John Deere E100 is robotically developed by using several components, for instance, 12 gauge, 0.015 inches long steel. However, the most crucial feature of the overall structure is its single-piece fender. This fender comes with a rigid bolt, attached to the steel frame’s surface.

To make the product robust, it comes with premium quality steel rails. Generally, the fundamental structure and design come from a car. For example, the front axle is iron made, which gives it a car type navigating system consisting of the sector and pinion steering gears.

 To ensure the driving experience comfortable for the operator, the steering system is equipped with a solo drag link to make it sensitive and rigid turning.  The diameter of the same steering system stretches up to 0.75 inches. Furthermore, the equipment consumes less time of the operator as the cutting blades ensure a rapid and accurate cutting in a single stretch.


Auto Transmission And Comfortable Seating

The operator can select the forward or reverse traveling speed of the land mower due to the auto transmission feature. To do this, the operator has to simply press the foot pedal. 

From the seating placement to the material used in making the seat, all these elements offer maximal operating comfort to the users. The seat has an idealistic alignment that gives the operator easy access to the control panel and the steering wheel.

 The cushioned back of the seat and its high position makes John Deere E100 a comfortable ride for the user. The beverage holder, in brief, adds on the charm of this product.

The machine’s footrest panels have a debris-removing channel that ensures dry and clean footrest each time. In addition, it comprises of non-slip and anti-vibration floor mats for relaxed seating.


Safety and Warranty

For its night-time use, the machine comes with two remarkable quality incandescent headlights. John Dree E100 is, moreover, approved by both ANSI and OPEI standards as it meets their safety standards.


Pros And Cons Of the John Deere E100

With each product having its upsides and downsides, an ideal product is unquestionably incomplete without analyzing its pros and cons. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of John Deere E100.


  • Sensitive steering system with rigid turning handles.
  • Convenient seating arrangement with an added beverage holder.
  • 100% all American made at Tennessee John Deere plant.
  • 2 cutting blades that cut the grass with sheer accuracy.
  • Dependable performance


  • The price is a bit high

Our Final Verdict

John Deere E100 Front Engine Mower has all the top-notch features, for instance, comfortable seating, precise cutting blades, muscular engine, and so on that makes it suitable for all users.

 High fueling capacity, generously reduces the additional expenditure of the operator. In conclusion, it, without a doubt, qualifies for a terrific land mower choice.

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