Kwikset Smart Lock Review

Kwikset has been designing, manufacturing, and selling residential locks since 1946. When it comes to innovative products which look great, work great, and are reliable, robust, and affordable than they certainly stand out as a perfect choice.

Kwikset is a company who take no chances when it comes to security. Especially the security of their customer’s homes. They continually set out to improve the safety features on each of their lock ranges to always be at the forefront of industry standards and your safety.

Consulting with a handful of the nations best, and brightest security experts plus master locksmiths their products are continually on the cutting edge of modern design, elegance, but most importantly; Security.

We are looking at the Kevo 2.0 touch to open smart lock. At first glance, this is a straightforward looking lock, and for the most part, it doesn’t look like a smart look at all. Thanks to the keyhole center, this does look like a traditional home lock.

It operates off four AA-batteries, and it will pair with most modern smart devices, including phones, apps, and smartwatches.

Small and round with a very noticeable blue light this is a deadbolt lock which operates via a small electronic motor. Now, the way this smart lock works is by touching it, yes you read correctly. You will need to download an app on your phone which your lock will then detect as you approach your home.

When the lock detects the app from your phone, it awaits your touch. When you touch your finger to the casing of the lock, the motor activates, and it will unlock the door to your home. It sounds perfect for when you’re struggling to carry the kids, the shopping, the kid’s backpack’s and trying to juggle your keys.

One of the standout features about this lock is the ability to share keys. You can assign a key to someone for a set amount of time, which also allows you to see when they have used the key and for how long.

Smart locks aren’t for everyone and as we are starting to see more and more of them in 2019 hybrid locks like Kwikset Kevo are making the transition into smart home technology more comfortable for the less technology inclined or the elders in our family.

The Kwickset Kevo comes with a standard key for family members who may not have a smartphone or for those who prefer the traditional way of access. However, for those of you who want keyless access without dealing with the likes of apps, they also provide a Bluetooth enabled key fob.

The Bluetooth enabled key fobs works in precisely the same way the app does; you can keep it in your pocket or around your neck, instead of your phone, then touch the lock when you get home, and it will unlock itself.

Installing the Kwikset Kevo is as simple as 1,2,3 and anyone who can hold a screwdriver will be able to fix this lock in replacement of a standard deadbolt. Kwikset prides themselves on offering one of the most extended warranties in the industry.

You get a life-time mechanical and finishing warranty and a 1-year electronic warranty.

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