Lotos MIG 140 Review

Are you going to be working with metal materials in the future? If so, you’ll probably need to weld something at some point or another. Well, you’ll want to equip yourself with a good MIG welder. This type of welder will be good for a lot of materials. However, it may not be good for thick pipes and very heavy duty steel. If you’re looking for a good MIG welder, you’ll definitely want to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the Lotos MIG 140. This advanced machine is really good for beginners and professionals.

Plus, it is great for big and small jobs. Below, you’ll learn more about this welding machine so you can determine whether or not it is ideal for you.

Notable Specifications 

Before digging in too deep, you should learn a little more about this welder and its most notable specifications.

  • Measures in at 14.5 by 9.6 by 16 inches
  • 140 amps of output power
  • Can support 4 inch and 4 inch spools
  • Weighs just 54 pounds
  • Requires 110 volts of input

Brief Overview

Now, it is time to start learning about the Lotos MIG. This is really one of the most basic welders out there. It is capable of pulling off some complex welds. Nevertheless, the setup and operation are both very simple. For starters, you’ll be happy to know that this welder utilizes 110 volt power. This ensures that you’ll be able to use it pretty much anywhere. You just need the right outlet and you’ll be good to go. You shouldn’t have to look far. Thanks to this feature, the welder is a good choice for completing small projects at home.

If you’re looking for a machine that is good enough for experts yet simple enough for beginners, this is the one you’re after. It will not disappoint anyone.

Ease Of Use

It is great that the Lotos MIG is so easy to use. On the unit, you’re going to discover a small control panel. Here, you’ll find various dials and switches. These settings will give you the ability to configure the machine’s performance to suit your own unique needs. It won’t take more than a few minutes to learn the controls and find exactly what you’re after. In most cases, the user will not need to read the user’s manual before welding with this machine.

Very Durable

Welders can be expensive. Even the cheapest ones out there can cost a pretty penny. Thankfully, the Lotos MIG 140 is going to last a lifetime. It features a rugged build to help ensure that it’ll be able to withstand a few bumps here and there. The durable metal will keep the interior components protected. Plus, it is shock resistant. You won’t have to worry about this machine falling apart anytime soon. Thanks to its versatility, ease of use, and durability, this machine can easily be used at home or in the shop.

Easy Portability

There is no doubt that some welders are overly heavy. In fact, they’re so heavy that they require two or three people to move them around. This is unacceptable in many cases. Sometimes, you are in a hurry. You just want to toss the welder into the bed of your pickup truck and head towards the project site. If this is what you’re after, you’re going to love the Lotos MIG 140. After all, it weighs just 54 pounds. You might not be able to carry it with one hand, but you can with too. And, you won’t have too much trouble either. Still, it is vital to lift correctly to ensure that you do not injure yourself.

It is also great that the machine is so compact. It can fit into pretty much any vehicle and storage space.


It is important to check out a welder’s compatibility before making the investment. After all, not all welders can be used with all materials. If you get the wrong one, you may very well be shooting yourself in the foot. The good news is that the Lotos MIG is pretty versatile in this category. It is a good welder that is capable of solving small problems. It can be used with 1/8 inch aluminum, 18 gauge mild steel up to 3/16 inch, and 18 gauge stainless steel up to 3/16 inch. It is best to use a different welder for heavy-duty metals.

Nevertheless, the Lotos Welder will be good for lots of other projects. If you’re only going to be using the welder part-time or for DIY projects, this one will prove to be a good investment.


Ultimately, there are plenty of things to love about the Lotos Welder. Some of the most notable pros can be found below.

  • This welder is one of the most affordable out there. The value that you get is going to be a lot more than the price.
  • The designs of the unit and the control make the welder very easy to use. It is a good welder for experts and beginners.
  • It is very easy to move around.
  • The welder is surprisingly durable for the price.
  • It features a thermal protection mechanism.


  • This welder cannot be powered by a generator. You’re going to need 110 volts constantly.
  • It is not suitable for larger jobs. You’ll need to upgrade to a better welder for those project.

Overall Assessment

By all accounts, the Lotos MIG 140 is a good investment. It might be a small machine, but it is capable of delivering satisfactory results. Just remember that this welding machine is not suitable for all situations. If you’re going to be dealing with a much bigger project and thicker metal, you’ll need to upgrade to something more powerful. Still, it is hard to complain. The price, design, weight, and versatility make this welder worth it. If you’re a beginner who is interested in welding for DIY projects, you’ll want to spend a little more time checking out this welder. It could be the very best one for your needs.

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