Makita Electric Chainsaw Review

True cordless cutting power from a name in battery tools you know.  The Makita XCU02PT battery operated chainsaw is a strong 36V tool with a 12” cutting bar for those situations where you need your electric chainsaw but may not have access to power cords.  Tool-less chain tension and weighing only 12 pounds with batteries, this electric chainsaw makes clearing ground easy and convenient.


Key Features:


The storm has passed and you’re ready to begin the clean up.  You want to clear that fallen tree from your driveway, but the power is still out.  Or maybe you’re out on a remote campsite clearing away debris.  The Makita XCU02PT chainsaw runs on two 18V battery packs from their all encompassing 18V LXT battery operated tool line.  Slap in two batteries and cut away with 36V of cutting power, clear out those fallen trees and cut away the brush without dragging a power cord behind you.


Makita’s XPT “Extreme Protection Technology” gives your electric chainsaw much needed protection for working in the typical harsh environments in which you’d need a chainsaw to begin with.  Seals and channels specially engineered to drive exterior contaminates away from the tool’s inner working parts.  Cut your tree limbs in confidence knowing that the XPT system is designed to keep rain, sawdust, and other common debris away from the critical interior of your electric chainsaw.




The 12” chain bar is one of the longer chainsaw bars available on a battery operated unit.  While a 10” bar is common on the battery operated chainsaws, it can feel a little too compact when you are used to the 16” and 18” bars of AC powered or conventional gasoline powered saws.  Battery saws can’t give you extended run time on those larger bars, but the Makita XCU02PT has 36V and can grant you that extra edge with a 12” bar.


Since this chainsaw runs on dual batteries, it comes with a dual charger.  The Makita 18V LXT system is universal among its many cordless tools, you have multiple batteries and chargers around the workshop, now you can use this dual battery charger to eliminate some of the clutter on your bench and still have plenty of battery charging power on tap.





With the trusted Makita name, the 36V power and the all around powerhouse of this chainsaw, you have to be prepared to pay for what you’re getting.  This package can be on the pricey side, often running near double what the competition battery chainsaws cost.  Brand recognition may be worth the price as Makita is one of the more reliable battery based tool manufacturers.


Two batteries may mean more power, but it also means more points of failure.  Forget to charge a battery, one battery goes dead or missing… Keeping with the existing 18V battery line is certainly a wise choice, creating a new 36V battery would only make for frustrated users, but two batteries require the user to be vigilant on charging and maintaining them.


Our Verdict:


The Makita XCU02PT is nearly a professional grade chainsaw while maintaining the power independence of a battery operated tool.  Dual 18V batteries dominates any close competitor on power and duration and its reliability and cutting strength makes this a great saw for any serious user.  Its higher cost may be prohibitive for the casual home user, but seems worth it if you are going to use and rely on this chainsaw often enough.

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