NuMax SFR2190 Nail Gun Review

NuMax’s SFR2190 model is a versatile framing nailer that will give you plenty of options depending on your needs.  This pneumatic framing nailer is a powerful tool and weighs in at just 8.6 lbs.  The fire depth adjustment is a quick, no-tool turn of a thumb wheel to dial in at the exact depth.  The 360º adjustable exhaust port will ensure that no matter what angle your work has you facing, the air release won’t be directed back into your face.

Key Features:

The no-mar boot is there to protect your softer woods and delicate materials from giving you that “nail gun divot” at the impact point.  But when you aren’t concerned about a slight mar to the surface, the rubber boot can be easily removed to provide heavy duty no-slip teeth to keep your nail gun on the mark.

This unit is shipped with an interchangeable trigger to get the most use out of your tool and in the style you work best.  If you need a more focused and targeted nail gun, the unit is shipped with the black single fire trigger installed.  And when you need speed and repetition over pinpoint accuracy, the red bump-fire trigger can quickly and easily be installed giving you the ability to hold the trigger and bounce the tool at each point.


Triggering a pneumatic nail gun without the nail is bad for the tools inner mechanics and is never suggested.  The NuMax SFR2190 has a built in anti-dryfire mechanism that will not fire the plunger when there is no nail left in the chamber.  This simple addition can be especially useful when working on a large project and you are not paying close attention to the number of nails left in your sleeve.

The top loading design makes it simple to reload on the go and easy to clear jams.  A simple latch at the back of the magazine makes loading and clearing a breeze.  Reviews tell us this machine doesn’t jam very often but when the inevitable jam does happen, you’ll be glad the mechanism for clearing the jam and getting back to work is simple and easy.


Capacity is at the minimum for framing nailers.  The nail sleeve holds 55 plastic collated nails and can feel like it runs out a little early when working on larger jobs compared to other brands that may carry 65 or even 80 nails.  Looking on the brighter side, the smaller nail capacity will reduce the overall weight of the tool while holding it aloft.

This tool fires plastic collated nails only.  It is not a proprietary nail sleeve and can accept any 2” to 3.5” nails collated between 20º to 22º, but it can not use wire welds, paper tape or any other row of nails.  A small concession to make, but one to note.

Our Verdict:

NuMax’s SFR2190 is an excellent choice for a reliable framing nail gun.  Consistent reviews report this tool can be counted upon for a long life of dependable use.  Lightweight compared to others in its field and the wide acceptance range of various nail brands make this a perfect jobsite go-to nail gun.

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