Orbit B-Hyve Sprinkler Controller Review

As we’ve entered a new era of tech and innovation, every aspect of our life has changed drastically. From the oven in our kitchen to the lamp on our bedside table, everything is controlled via apps on our mobiles. Cloud connectivity is a whole new world that might stump the generation of the past. Simple chores like watering your garden are also being facilitated by cloud connectivity.

B-Hyve is among the leading tech companies that manufacture products equipped with cloud computing. They have been around for years yet the incorporation of cloud computing in irrigation tools like sprinklers is still new.

Features of the Orbit B-Hyve Sprinkler Controller

Impressive Connectivity

Orbit’s sprinkler controller stands proud amidst this tech revolution because of its updated designs. They have introduced this sprinkler controller which is not only Wi-Fi enabled but can be operated from anywhere in the world because of its compatibility with other devices.

It can work well with iOS, Android, PC as well as several other home assistance devices. The freedom that comes with using a device that has few restrictions in terms of connectivity is truly refreshing.

Weather Sense Technology

It is beneficial for your garden if you plan its watering schedule while knowing the weather stats of the area as well as keeping several other variables in mind. The variables include the kind of plant you are watering, its soil, its position in your garden and whether it’s native to the place it is growing or not.

Weather Sense Technology helps you keep track of all that and assists in planning the most efficient watering schedule for your garden.

Multiple Operations

The B-Hyve sprinkler controllers’ smart mode helps you stop, spray and time everything your sprinkler does. It has also incorporated custom watering programs in its design to accommodate its users efficiently. Each one of these custom programs has four start times and they each play a vital role in keeping your garden green and healthy.

Conserves Water

This sprinkler controller strives to be a reliable watering source for your garden without affecting the environment in any negative way. It has a manual override built in it that can be used when the sprinklers are left operational for too long. This proves the efficiency of this sprinkler controller and that is why it has been certified by EPA WaterSense as well.

This feature is applauded by many nature enthusiasts as well as appreciated by its users. People who want to make their garden lively without causing any harm to the environment prefer to use this sprinkler controller over others.

Pros and Cons of the B-Hyve Sprinkler Controller

It is necessary that we include a comparative listing of the pros and cons of this sprinkler controller to determine its worth. A brief look through these drawbacks will be enough to make you understand whether the product is suitable for you or not. Furthermore, it will paint a complete picture of the product instead of just a pretty one.


  • Apt Wi-Fi functionality
  • Weather sense technology
  • Smart mode
  • Preferred watering settings
  • EPA WaterSense & Swat certifications
  • Water conservation
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Easy Installation


  • Compatible with a 10 Volt-only
  • Region-specific production
  • No guarantee
  • Limited functionality

Our Experience with the B-Hyve Sprinkler Controller

While using Orbit B-Hyve sprinkler controller, we found ourselves closer to nature. The fact that this sprinkler helps to conserve water made us feel efficient and productive. The advanced weather technology is another benefit that helped us keep our garden in pristine condition without committing any major blunders.

We were also thrilled to find out that we are not bound by any vicinity limit and can operate these sprinklers from anywhere around the world and from any device. The freedom it offers combined with the most efficient set of features was enough to make us add it to our favorite sprinkler controllers’ list.

Sprinkler Controller Alternatives to the B-Hyve

  • Rachio sprinkler controller
  • Rainmachine sprinkler controller
  • Gro sprinkler controller
  • Rainbird sprinkler controller

Our Verdict

The B-Hyve sprinkler controller is the finest of its kind due to many reasons, especially its ability to work well with different electronic devices. Just installing a simple app can help you navigate through its many functions from anywhere in the world.

Water conservation is an important application of water sprinklers and B-Hyve pays extra mind to this purpose by automatically shutting off the sprinklers in case of excess use. It has been certified to help you in not only conserving water but also lowering the cost of your water bills.

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