Porter Cable Nail Gun Review

A battery operated brad nailer for those jobs where you just need a self contained nail gun.  Standard wheel adjusted nail depth gauge, no need for directional air exhaust, and backed by a 3 year warranty, the Porter Cable PCC790LA fills a niche for those that are looking for an alternative to the conventional pneumatic nail gun.

Key Features:

Lithium Ion battery capacity has come a long way over the years.  Porter Cable has harnessed the 20V battery with their “LiNKED System” for battery operated construction tools.  The allure of a battery nailer explains itself.  No air hose to trip over, no compressor cycling on and off all day long, a battery charger and a competent nail gun.  Simple.

As all nail guns jam occasionally, the Porter Cable PCC790LA has a “no tool” release lever for clearing that misfired or jammed up nail.  Any time saved in clearing the tool can be spent getting back to work and boosting your productivity.


Obviously, the prime advantage is the cordless and self contained nature of a battery powered nail gun.  Perfect for remote sites or quick jobs that otherwise would have required you to pull out the air compressor, the Porter Cable PCC790LA can make quick work of any project.

If you already have battery operated Porter Cable tools, this PCC790LA brad nailer uses the same battery as their 20v “LiNKED System” line.  This makes is incredibly convenient for swapping out batteries and having one on charge at all times.

The Porter Cable advertisements claim this nail gun pounds out an astounding 1300 nails per battery charge.  Closer inspection reveals that this is not with the included 1.5Ah batter, but with the larger 4Ah battery available separately for an additional cost.


There is a slight delay between the pull of the trigger and the firing of the nail.  Due to the battery operation of this tool, if you are used to the more common pneumatic nail guns, the trigger delay may take some getting used to.

Weighing nearly 6 lbs, this monster can give your arm a serious workout while wielding it around the jobsite.  Holding this up overhead to work on crown molding can prove to be rather daunting and may cause more frequent breaks and rests on long days.

The advertised specs report the nail gun firing 2” brads into 2×4 pine.  Customer reviews report that this may be true, but that this nail gun lacks the power to drive that 2” brad into any hardwoods.  Be aware of the capability of this nail gun against your expectations.

Our Verdict:

While this battery operated tool is certainly capable of supporting small jobs and projects around the house, it is difficult to recommend this model brad nailer to anyone looking for long-term reliability and consistency.  Exceptional portability is the only benefit to this otherwise lackluster tool.  Suffering from lack of power, constant need for recharging (or more expensive) batteries, hefty weight and an annoying trigger delay make the Porter Cable PCC790LA a good option when you absolutely need a battery operated tool, but otherwise fails in comparison to any model pneumatic brad nailer available.

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