Poulan Pro Push Mower Review

Husqvarna and Poulan work together as they share their ownership. The technologies they use are part of both companies hence you’ll find numerous similarities between the two. Poulan is famous for manufacturing power equipment mainly for outdoor use. Furthermore, they try to fit in the range of the middle class with their considerably lower price rage than others.

Poulan Pro is a simple solution to all your mowing problems. It has retained the old design of push mowers but didn’t steer away from its goal of providing modern solutions to gardeners. It is a blend of tradition and advanced technology that equips its users with appropriate resolutions in a natural environment.

Features of the Poulan Pro Push Mower

Remarkable Cutting Deck

For every mower, its deck is of exceptional importance as it facilitates its maneuverability during sharp turns. Poulan Pro Push mower has 21 inched deck with 2-in-1 functionality. A wider deck means you can make turns without having to backtrack on your way route.

Height Increments

Poulan Pro push mower offers 4 positions of height adjustability. This feature is of utmost importance as it not only affects the efficiency of your blade’s cut but also hinders your work. If you are unable to adjust your mower’s height then it means you can cut grass of only certain height. And if the grass is unruly and overgrown then your mower will start showing its inefficiency.

Lightweight & Powerful Engine

Poulan Pro uses a Briggs & Stratton engine of 140 cc that is reliable and can help you cut through stubborn grass patches. It is easy to move around your garden because of its lightweight and elaborate deck size.

Exceptional Maneuverability

Poulan push pro mower uses traditional fueling system to function that’s why you don’t have to stick close to a power source while working. Its lightweight, cordless design and 21 inch deck all contribute to its exceptional maneuverability.

Its high rear wheels are another reason that assists you during your work as it adds a kind of fluidity in your mower’s stroll. The material used to make the deck of this mower is of steel that makes its exterior looks sleek and edgy.

Varied Discharge Mode

Poulan pro mush mower offers three different waste disposal options to its users. They can either store it in the rear bag that is designed to fit plenty of waste judging by its size or they can discharge the waste from the sides.

Its mulch capabilities are another way of using the waste accumulated in a beneficial way.

Pros & Cons of the Poulan Pro Push Mower

The efficiency of Poulan Pro Push Mower is accepted among the masses, yet it isn’t something that is void of all drawbacks. Hence, letting our readers know not only about the pros but cons of the product as well as something that can add substance to this review.


  • Quick start.
  • Impressive mulching skills.
  • Easy to turn around.
  • 2-in-1 deck design
  • Durable exterior
  • Freed mobility
  • Remarkable cutting quality


  • Low levels of noise pollution
  • Fuel assisted
  • No mention of warranty
  • Use of outdated technology
  • Manual adjustability for blade cuts
  • Unfit for extended use
  • The exterior is prone to breakage
  • Lack of advanced technology

Our Experience with the Poulan Pro Push Mower

Poulan pro push mower is a lightweight, sleek looking mower that turned out to be an exceptional outdoor gardening tool. Its several discharging options promoted our passion for gardening as it caused little to no hassle in terms of cleanups.

We used a rear bag disposable option to store most of our wastes due to its extensive storage space. Moreover, mulching is another thing that is made possible by the varied functionality of Poulan pro push mower.

Another feature that we enjoyed thoroughly is its 21 inches cutting deck that made turning around sharp edges convenient for us.

Alternatives to the Poulan Pro Push Mower

  • Greenworks 25022 Mower
  • Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower
  • Honda HRX217K5VKA Mower
  • Husqvarna 7021P Mower

Our Verdict

Poulan pro push mower is one of the few lawnmowers that has shown impressive durability. Not only the parts it consists of, but its exterior can withstand extreme conditions and come out of them unscathed. Aside from this, its light weight is something that helps its users to maneuver around their garden freely. Its cutting deck is another thing that helps it to take sharp turns and move around corners and nooks without losing its balance.

In conclusion, anyone who is unable to handle bulky machinery can buy this lawn mower for their convenience.

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