Rachio Sprinkler Controller Review

Rachio is a technology company that provides tech solutions to your everyday problems. People might not want to consult with a tech company about the water pressure in their showerhead or the temperature of the water in their kitchen, but a tech company is the one who provides solutions to such problems.

The water pressure in your sprinkler and your watering schedule would have been a mess if companies like Rachio didn’t come forth with the right innovation. Rachio sprinkler controller is among those innovations put forward by one of the leading tech companies. It helps you keep track of your water expenditure as well as schedule garden watering from the comfort of your house.

Features of the Rachio Sprinkler Controller

Advanced Connectivity

Over the years, we have seen the evolution in the productivity of garden sprinklers. They were designed to conserve water without depriving plants of their respite. We have come a long from then till now as manufacturers have made huge advancements in their sprinkler’s designs.

One such advancement is them putting the control of their sprinkler system in your hand. They have moved ahead from remote-controlled sprinklers to phone-controlled sprinklers.

These leaps of advancements don’t just end here as it is can be controlled with the help of Alexa too. This means you can control the garden sprinklers in your house by your voice as well. Cool, isn’t it? Aside from Alexa devices, it can work well with IFTT, Google Assistant and Nest as well.

Technologically Enhanced

Rachio Sprinkler controller is the ultimate luxury you can buy for yourself which you can afford easily. This smart controller allows you to schedule your daily watering as well as customize a different watering schedule based on your preference. You can skip, stop, rotate, repeat, schedule and do several other things with this controller.

Watering Guidance

Rachio Sprinkler controller tells you how much water a plant needs to stay alive and healthy based on its soil type. Simply feed the information about your plant on your phone and you’ll receive a detailed schedule of when and how to water those plants. This feature comes in handy to those people who are amateur and don’t know much about gardening or plants.

Weather Intelligence™ Plus

Weather Intelligence ™ Plus is a trademarked feature of Rachio Sprinkler controller. Rachio prides itself to have this feature incorporated in its design in its most efficient way possible compared to other controllers in its league. It can help you schedule the watering of your garden or lawn based on the weather in your vicinity. This includes prediction of a storm, rain, and other climatic anomalies.

Pros and Cons of the Rachio Sprinkler Controller

The pros of Rachio Sprinkler controller far outweigh its cons but that’s doesn’t mean we’ll pay dust to them. It is essential to cover all the aspects of a product to help you with your purchase. Most people prefer a comparative list of the pros and cons of the product they intend to buy. We are here to entertain their demands and listed some of the inconveniences that this sprinkler controller might cause for you.


  • Forecast data collection.
  • Impressive device compatibility.
  • Reliable Wi-Fi outreach.
  • Smart scheduled Watering.
  • Conservation of Water.
  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to use.
  • App connectivity.


  • Not suitable for the older generation.
  • Stale design.
  • No mention of a warranty.

Our Experience with the Rachio Sprinkler Controller

Rachio sprinkler controller is a product that gave us exactly what we needed. It guided us through our watering schedules and helped us devised an efficient watering schedule for our garden.

As amateur gardeners, we didn’t know which plants needed how much water and what soil was best for a particular plant but the Rachio smart sprinkler answered all our questions after we fed it the necessary information.

Aside from that, Rachio Weather Intelligence ™ Plus is something that we learned to appreciate along the way as we didn’t understand its purpose before using it.

Overall, our time with Rachio sprinkler controller can be considered as fruitful as our garden prospered greatly during the time Rachio controlled sprinklers watered it.

Alternatives to the Rachio Sprinkler Controller

  • Rainmachine sprinkler controller.
  • Havy sprinkler controller.
  • Gro sprinkler controller.
  • Rainbird sprinkler controller.

Our Verdict

Rachio gardening sprinklers has trademarked its weather data collection because of its impressive efficiency. These data collection is something that helps its customers devise efficient water schedules without being affected by sudden rains.

The fact that Rachio can guide you about the water percentage that should be used to water each plant in your garden based on its biology is also of great help for amateur gardeners.

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