Rainbird Sprinkler Controller Review

Humans have left the traditional ways of irrigation in the past and have accepted the convenience and efficiency offered by new technology. You will find plenty of tech companies providing solutions to improve the irrigation systems. Some of these companies succeed and others don’t.

Rain Bird has turned out to be one of those successful companies that provided some of the most efficient tech-based irrigation solutions.
Introducing the Rain Bird sprinkler controller was truly revolutionary for the people associated with these contrasting niches. This controller is equipped with everything one could think of that is essential to irrigate your garden and keep it lively and green.

Features of the Rainbird Sprinkler Controller

Advanced Interface & Settings

This is an improved version of the Rainbird sprinkler controller that has better WiFi adaptability and response to commands. You can easily skim through its many functions and choose the one that fits your preferences. You can either skim, stop, schedule or name different zones and schedule their watering separately as well. Once you install the app, there are endless opportunities that you can take advantage of after discovering its settings.

Collaborative Device Connectivity

Rainbird works well with several Android and iOS devices. You simply need to download it in your device, and you are set to use it whenever and wherever you like. The app is easy to understand and navigate especially after its Wi-Fi reception and reliability being updated. It also works with Google Assistant and Alexa Home that are two of the best home assistant devices that everyone uses these days.

Automatic Seasonal Adjustments

The Rainbird sprinkler controller stays updated with the weather changes in your area and adjusts your watering schedule according to it. For instance, if there is a chance of raining today then the scheduled watering will be cancelled to conserve water. And if you left your watering sprinklers operational for an indefinite period then it will also shut it off to save water.

Water Conservation

A sprinkler won’t be of any use if it won’t perform its basic function of conserving water. Rainbird understood its purpose of existence and designed its sprinkler controller in such a way that it stays true to its purpose.

It shuts off the sprinklers when there is a chance of rain and continuously reports the water expenditure to its user. Furthermore, it is EPA WaterSense certified which is enough to validate its claims of nature-friendly sprinkler controller. Rainbird sprinkler controller saves 20% of the water that it spends on watering your garden.

Pros and Cons of the Rainbird Sprinkler Controller

A comparative listing of Rainbird sprinkler controller’s pros and cons can assist you in your purchase greatly. It is impossible to recommend a product that isn’t flawed in some way or another. Therefore, it is essential that we stay true to ourselves and mention the drawbacks of this product along with its pros.


  • Certified by EPA WaterSense & swat.
  • App connectivity.
  • Compatible with several devices.
  • 20% reduction in the water bill.
  • Reports on water expenditure.
  • Forecast analysis.
  • Automation
  • Advanced functionality.


  • No warranty.
  • Slow responses to commands.
  • Difficult custom programs.
  • Lag in watering schedules.

Our Experience with the Rainbird Sprinkler Controller

Rainbird sprinklers controller system was easy to understand. The app was user-friendly too and we had no difficulty controlling the sprinklers via this app.

Rainbird made most of our decisions by itself, such as shutting off the sprinklers when they were left operational more than they should have. It also adjusted the sprinklers’ settings according to the weather data it collects from your area.

Apart from being an easy to use and efficient controller, it is suitable for both outdoors and indoors installation. We installed it outdoors and didn’t find its performance lacking in any way.

Sprinkler Controller Alternatives

  • Rachio sprinkler controller
  • Rainmachine sprinkler controller
  • Havy sprinkler controller
  • Gro sprinkler controller

Our Verdict

Rainbird sprinkler is one of the finest gardening products that need to be part of your residence. It helps you conserve water which means you’ll automatically have to pay less for your monthly water bill. Apart from reducing your water bill, it also helps you make efficient decisions regarding your garden’s water schedule. It is designed in a way that allows you to operate on each of the sprinklers separately and devise a course of action for them independent of the rest of the sprinklers. Its automation also helps a lot as it adjusts its settings on its own according to the change in the season.

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