Rainmachine Sprinkler Controller Review

The 21st century is an age of technology and cloud computing and irrigation controllers are not exempted from such innovations. Companies like Rainmachine specializes in providing their customers with the top tier products equipped with the most recent tech.

Rainmachine sprinkler controller is an example of one such product. Its manufacturers have used weather data analytics to predict daily forecast and then schedule your daily watering according to it.

The combination of tech, innovation, and convenience has made it stand out among other sprinkler controllers and made it a customer favorite. It is easy to navigate and use even if you aren’t tech-savvy or have little gardening knowledge.

Features of the Rainmachine Sprinkler Controller

Accurate Weather Predictions

It is essential to know the daily forecast of your area of residence as it helps decide on the watering schedule for your garden. Rainmachine has some of the most accurate weather forecast reports that it collects from multiple resources. These sources include Metno, NetAtmo, Forecast.io, and NOAA GOV.

The reason behind its accurate forecast reports is more than them just being collected from multiple resources, the fact that these reports are updated after every few minutes also contributes to them being so efficient.

Water Conservation

One of the many reasons that lead to innovation of gardening hose to sprinklers was to conserve water. Later, it became focused on comfort and reliance rather than water conservation. Yet, Rainmachine stays true to its purpose and helps conserve 80% water. This figure doesn’t take the various variables into account hence it can differ from climate to climate.

Device Connectivity & Comparability

Rainmachine is a Wi-Fi enabled sprinkler controller that can help you operate your gardening sprinklers without leaving the comfort of your bed. You can access the Rainmachine sprinkler controller from any web browser. It also has multiple apps that further enhances your experience and it is compatible with all iOS and Android devices as well.

These two access and compatible notions redefine your relationship with this controller as you can control your garden’s sprinklers from anywhere in the world using any device you see fit. Furthermore, voice-controlled house assistance device like Alexa, Nest and Google Assistant can work in sync with Rainmachine sprinkler controller.

User-Friendly Design

Rainmachine’s design and the interface are user-friendly as it is easy to understand and operate on without taking any assistance from the user manual guide. Its interface is touch-enabled and it shows quick responses to your fingertips. Furthermore, it has a backlight that helps you see the screen even in dimly lit surroundings.

Pros and Cons fo the Rainmachine Sprinkler Controller

Rainmachine sprinkler controller is one of the most efficient products of its niche. Several customers have shown their allegiance with the company because of its efficiency. The esteem that follows its name is not enough for us to ignore its drawbacks. Hence, a brief mention of those cons is inevitable and beneficial for the readers.


  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • App connectivity
  • Device compatibility
  • User-friendly interface
  • Forecast reports
  • Scheduled watering
  • WaterSense certified
  • No vicinity restrictions


  • Stores data locally
  • No guarantee
  • Multiple operations
  • Useless app updates
  • Slow responses

Our Experience with the Rainmachine Sprinkler Controller

We enjoyed exceptional freedom while using Rainmachine sprinkler controller as we were not bound by vicinity. We controlled it from anywhere we deemed convenient using one of the many device connectivity options it offers.

Rainmachine helps you conserve water as it can decide whether you need to water your garden on a particular day or not. This is possible because of its impressive forecast reports that were collected from multiple resources.

Rainmachine is titled as one of the most accurate forecast predictors and we learned the credibility of this statement through our own experience. Simply put, we enjoyed the freedom that it offered as well as took advantage of its many other features.

Alternative Sprinkler Controller Options

  • Rachio sprinkler controller
  • Havy sprinkler controller
  • Gro sprinkler controller
  • Rainbird sprinkler controller

Our Verdict

Rainmachine is one of the most reliable company when it comes to making a decision based on forecast data. It uses multiple sources to collect forecast information and uses the same information to plan your watering schedule.

Moreover, it works efficiently with other devices which allows you to use it from anywhere in the world. One thing that makes it so popular among customers is its ability to work collaboratively with voice-controlled house assistant devices namely Alexa.

The number of settings it has are quite impressive and leaves room for discovery and exploration for its users. You can try different customized settings to fit your unique preferences.

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