Rheem Tankless Water Heater Review

Sometimes, the only way to get the highest quality is to pay a premium. That’s a fact that no one can deny, and it especially applies to water heaters, as they handle the very water that we use when showering or washing the dishes.

If you’ve been looking for a tankless water heater that covers everything you need regardless of the price, there is only a handful of units that we can recommend, but the Rheem Rtex-24, which is the one that we’re reviewing today, surely outshines the rest in the different departments.


Design and Construction

Hate to break it to you, but size does matter. Today, smaller equals better, especially if you live in a small department or condo. That’s why the Rheem Rtex-24 tankless water heater comes in a compact size that would fit anywhere. Under the sink in the kitchen? No problemo. Inside a closet? Of course. In the bathroom? Be my guest! The unit measures only 4 x 18 x 19 inches. It’s basically the epitome of space-efficiency.

The build quality of this tankless water heater is second to none, as only high-quality materials – such as the Copper immersion three heating elements – are used in the construction. This unit will outlive most of your other appliances with ease, so don’t worry about durability.


Although it may seem frustrating, installing the Rheem Rtex-24 tankless water heater is actually quite the easy task. Just gather all the materials you’ll need before starting, follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and hot water will start flowing through your faucets in no time. If you face any issue when installing the unit, simply Rheem’s customer care team a call, and they’ll surely assist you with anything.


Functionality-wise, the Rheem Rtex-24 tankless water heater does excel. For starters, the unit offers a flow rate that can get up to 5.9 GPM. If you need high-flow water for one reason or the other, the Rheem water heater won’t disappoint. Furthermore, this appliance can keep the temperature stable for as long as you need it. In other words, you don’t need to worry about water freezing on you in the morning if you use the Rheem Rtex-24 as your water heater.

Other features that we like include the thermostatic controls and the LED displays on which you can check the temperature with a one-degree accuracy.


Although the price of the Rheem Rtex-24 tankless water heater may seem a bit high at first, you should look at the bigger picture and think about how much money this unit will save you in the long run. By getting this water heater, not only will you keep maintenance cost at bay because it’s easy to install and use, but you’ll also witness a significant decrease in your electricity bill since it’s one of the best products when it comes to energy efficiency.

Verdict on the Rheem Rtex-24

The Rheem Rtex-24 tankless water heater is a no-brainer for anyone willing to pay a premium price to get the highest quality. It sports a durable construction that protects quality heating elements capable of producing a continuous flow of hot water whenever you need it, so how can we not recommend it?


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