Ridgid Wet Dry Vac Review

This large capacity wet/dry vacuum has all the features you need to keep that heavy worksite or your home workshop clean.  14 gallon tank, 6HP motor, 8’ hose and 20’ power cord all add up to build the only vacuum you will need for years to come.  With on board accessory storage, removable handle, and strong blower port, this tool is the entire package.


Key Features:


The Rigid Qwik Lock filtration system is simple and fast making regular filter changes a breeze.  Cleaning out your filter will keep your vacuum performing at top capacity as dirty filter slowly rob you of suction and power.  High quality pleated paper keeps even small particles of dust from entering the exhaust, the rudimentary push and snap in place filter post couldn’t be any easier.


The Rigid 50348 is surprisingly low to the ground for a 14 gallon wet/dry vacuum.  The large wheels and tall handle make it easy to tilt and move around on all terrains, but when it stands ready to work on the two large rear wheels and two front casters, the vacuum sits nearly on the ground giving it an incredibly low center of mass.  This directly equates to increased stability and stance, an important property when pulling a 14 gallon bucket around by a hose.




The Rigid 50348 has the standard ergonomic handle to push and pull the tool around the shop floor.  What sets this model apart is that this handle is easily detached.  Liquids are easily emptied by way of the bottom drain port, and when upending the canister for emptying dry materials, press the two release buttons and the cart push handle can be removed for ease and just as quickly reinstalled.


Vacuum noise is just one of those things we’ve all gotten used to and have learned to deal with.  And when you find a quiet vacuum, you feel like you’ve found a unicorn.  Rigid’s SNR (Scroll Noise Reduction) is a feature that is designed to control the flow of air within the vacuum and minimize external sound.





The hose is not a full 2 1/2” hose.  All the connection points and attachments are the standard 2 1/2”, but the hose length itself is 1 7/8” in diameter.  This is clearly noted on the Rigid website, but some customers have complained about the smaller hose.  Smooth interior, locking clips, fits 2 1/2” connectors, but still only 1 7/8” wide.


Suction can be a subjective complaint when you’re not in a scientific laboratory measuring with controls.  However, when enough complaints roll in about this vacuum being underpowered, it is reason for pause.  The motor is rated at 11A and the air volume is rated at 143 CFM.  Other vacuums measure similar in range, so this heavy duty wet/dry vacuum should be sufficient.


Our Verdict:


All the features of the Rigid 50348 wet/dry vacuum add up to make a near perfect package when looking for a large capacity machine.  14 gallons is more than enough for nearly any job, the ease of use, removable handle for emptying, and quick filter changes make for a vacuum that is less trouble than others.  Reports of it being slightly underpowered may simply be comparisons to other large models and this vacuum still out preforms most others out there on the market.

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