Rockwell Drill Press Review

Rockwell’s Shop Series RX7033 bench-top drill press offers the home hobbyist and workshop maker a reliable drill press with a strong motor and five speeds varying between 620RPM to 3100RPM.  The 1/2” chuck will accept those larger drill bits and the solid working table will support any project you are working on.


Key Features:


Working with a bench-top drill press is easy and convenient but safety must be observed when working with any power tools.  The chuck key that comes with the Shop Series RK7033 has a spring-loaded safety feature that pops the key out of the drill spindle when you are not holding it in place.  This prevents the drill press from being turned on with the chuck key in the slot, flinging the key out as a dangerous high speed projectile.


The cast iron working surface table gives you a solid base of operations for clamps and grips to hold your project material tight without worrying about placement and warping of a lighter material such as aluminum.  Solid construction and easy raising and lowering make the work surface on the Shop Series RK7033 a reliable platform on which you can rely.




Drill press “swing” is defined as the clearance you have between the spindle axis and the drill support post.  Most smaller bench-top drill presses offer a standard 8” swing, meaning you can drill at the 4” center of an 8” piece of material.  This model gives you a 10” swing meaning your true clearance is 5” from drill bit to support post.  The increased swing does not change the limited 2” spindle travel, but what an incredible difference that one single inch in swing clearance can make.


The 6.2A motor will give you plenty of power for drilling without bogging down the motor.  Small bench-top units such as this are often under-powered but the 6.2A of this Shop Series RK7033 will provide plenty of torque to cut through any home hobby project with ease.





Weight is an issue and this model comes in over 48 pounds.  Not a bench breaking heft, but certainly a hefty unit.  Unfortunately, most of that weight is localized at the motor making this unit extremely top-heavy and ultimately requiring it to be bolted down or otherwise secured to be safely used.


The solid work table is easily lifted and lowered with the side cranking handle, but the lateral tilt is considerably more difficult to achieve.  Branded as a 45° tilting table, it is capable but the adjustment is under the table and by way of loosening a bolt, not a thumbscrew or handle.


Our Verdict:


The Shop Series RK7033 is a solid bench-top option when shopping for drill presses.  The larger swing clearance and heavier motor option make this a great option if you are working on flat surfaces.  The poor table tilting design makes this a hassle for projects that require constant adjustments but not impossible.  Standard five speeds, 1/2” chuck, along with the increased inch of clearance makes this a fine choice for the home work bench.

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