Saniflo Toilet Review

Of course, our list of the best toilets for bathroom upgrades wouldn’t be complete without something a little strange, weird and yet still surprising. Saniflo is a company who produces much more than toilets.

They have been leaders in the pumps for sanitation field since the late 1950s, and since that time they have led the way with continuous innovation, design and always sought to fulfill the needs of their customers with the best quality products.

They pride themselves on being made in France, and with the fantastic range, they have, so they should. Thanks to the research and development from the early stages of Saniflo’s growth, the world was able to install bathrooms, toilets, and sinks anywhere in the house without the need of ripping apart and rebuilding walls.

The Saniflo Sanicompact is a true testament to the word innovation. It was designed for small bathrooms, en-suites, or cloakroom conversion where space is limited. It is a half toilet design with no water tank to take up space.

The Sanicompact 48 is obviously, very different in its looks. The no tank design means minimal dust will settle on the toilet. Cleaning it is very simple and effortless at best. The toilet sits straight onto the floor so no dirt or debris can settle there and the outside of the bowl is very smooth with no sharp edges.

The Sanicompact is a self-contained system with extreme power. Inside the toilet is a macerator and pump, the macerating system can handle human waste and toilet paper with its hardened stainless-steel blades. The pump is powerful and can send waste up to 9-ft up or 100-ft horizontal.

It is a dual flush system which works by pressing a switch which activates a timer, which then allows the bowl to be filled with water. The motor follows this up by sucking in the waste, water, and toilet tissue where the macerator takes care of the waste, and the pump sends it away.

You may be thinking a motor would make it a bit noisy, but it is hardly noticeable. When installing it, you will need a power supply, and we would recommend having an electrician to make the connections.

The dual flush system allows you to save water energy, and the minimalist design means you are already saving water. You can also attach a small sink to this toilet, and it will discharge any grey water itself, making it help you to be even more energy efficient.

Fitting this toilet isn’t very straight forward as it isn’t very often you will require an electrician to help you install a toilet! The connections are as standard fit, and you shouldn’t have any issues connecting the mains.

If you are into saving energy and water, then an electrical toilet is the way forward. You will have greater control of water waste, and they work incredibly well. Saniflo offers a one year guarantee on their products, and they stand by their quality.

The Saniflo Sanicompact 48 has been certified to American and Canadian standards, the macerator is approved CSA ASME.

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