Schlage Smart Lock Review

Smart homes and electronic locks are becoming more and more mainstream as people adapt to new technology and the convenience of modernizing everyday life. The innovation we are blessed with today, though, comes from the minds of brilliant inventors from many years ago.

One of those such inventors was Walter Schlage, who was a locksmith. The Schlage company opened its first store in 1920, and their first significant innovation was a lock with a push-button center. This was a major innovation in the home security industry, and by 1923 it was in full-scale production.

Fast forward almost 100-years, and Schlage is still standing. Not only with traditional style locks but now, they are continuing on their path as a historical innovator with smart locks. They have produced a range of intelligent lock home technology which makes buying, fitting, and using smart locks a simple, secure, and comfortable process for people at all ages and with all levels of experience in technology.

The Schlage Encode Smart Wi-fi Deadbolt is a no thrills type set up which is easy to use, reliable, and most importantly, safe. It will replace your existing Deadbolt easily and works by either an app connected to your smartphone, a key, or a numeric code.

The Schlage Encode comes in two different styles, so you have a choice to match your home. It also comes in silver or black. Both look great, and this lock doesn’t scream ‘modern in your face technology’ it has a lovely traditional look to it, which many people may prefer.

Schlage has tested this lock in temperatures ranges from -35C to 66C which makes it perfect for year-round operation. It uses 4AA batteries for operation, and it will give you plenty of notice if the battery needs replacing.

It connects to your Wi-Fi directly without needing any additional dongles, or hubs, which is why it is such an easy setup.

You can gain entry to your home in several different ways. The main one being the app which detects when you’re approaching your home — the second being a code which you can generate up to 100 of. The other way is with a key which you will get one of when buying the lock.

This makes it perfect for younger and older generations alike. This is one of the few smart locks which works with Key by Amazon. If you’re prime member, you can connect this, so you never miss a delivery again. It also connects to Google Assistant and Alexa.

Using the app, you can also remotely unlock your home or give codes to people so they can access your home at times when you’re away. Don’t worry, though; you will be able to see who has accessed your home and at what times.

Installation is as simple as it gets. Replace the front and back of your existing Deadbolt, and the Schlage Encode will connect to your Wi-Fi. There are no extra add-ons you will need to invest in to make this more user-friendly. It is, out the box, ready to go.

Schlage has made this lock ADA compliant, and it holds two certifications; 1. Commercial Standard Grade 1 and Residential Standard Grade AAA in security, durability, and finish.

Schlage has a great warranty on this smart lock which covers the electronics for three years and a limited lifetime warranty on mechanical parts and finishing.

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