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Reel lawn mowers are specially made for small properties only. Generally, they are used in residential properties that have a relatively small and even lawn. Scotts 2000 20 Reel Mower is one of the best reel mowers in the marketplace. The product’s height is tall to make it user-friendly.

It is also fitted with 20 inches wide cutting swath, which is technically the maximal limit in reel mowers. Easy maneuverability, Versatility, dependability, and so on are some of the features that make this product a favorite among several customers.


Features Of The Scotts 2000 20 Reel Mower

This reel mower is a nostalgic throwback to the old days before powerful gas lawn mowers came into existence. The fundamental outline of the previous models and this model is completely the same. This is because there wasn’t any modern design that could provide the same efficacy as the previous one. 

Despite what the common notion is, push drive reel mowers can still give the same precision as any motor-driven lawnmowers.

 The compact size of this product makes it easy to store in the user’s shed or garage. It made from robust materials to withstand rough use and also long-lasting. 

Another great advantage of this product is that the user doesn’t have to have any previous experience to use this product. The instruction manual is very detailed, and with a quick, thorough read, the consumer can effortlessly use it to mow the lawn. 

The materials in this product were tested for extreme temperatures to avoid malfunction due to overheating. Gas-powered lawn mowers have sharp blades that can sometimes harm the grass. However, this classic model causes no scalping of the ground or grass blades. The smooth finish of Scotts 2000 20 Reel Mower feels like manually cutting each grass blades with scissors.

Below are some more additional features of this product.


  • Variety Of Cutting height

The cutting deck is as wide as 2 inches and is fitted with five sharp blades for a smooth finish. Furthermore, the user also has the option to change the cutting height of the grass by choosing any of the nine deck positions.  


  • Environment-Friendly

It uses no gas or oil, which prevents any emission or consumption of fuels. Moreover, there is no loud noise that usually comes from a gas-powered engine and thus helps to maintain a serene environment.


  • Foam Grip Handle

The handle of this reel lawn mower has a smooth finish. It is powder-coated and a foam grip, which reduces hand fatigue.


  • Low maintenance

Owning a Scotts 2000 20 Reel Mower means less additional expenditure on maintenance. In addition, the blades only require sharpening every alternate year. However, the user should lubricate it frequently to ensure the smooth functioning of the reel mower.


  • Warranty

The company offers a 2 to 1-year warranty on this product.


Pros and Cons Of Scotts 2000 20 Reel Mower


  • The product has a handy instruction manual, which makes it easy to assemble.
  • All five steel blades of this product are sharp to provide accuracy with each cut.
  • The user can choose from a variety of cutting deck options to change the appearance of the lawn.
  • This appliance is extremely cost-effective
  • It is fit for small residential properties
  • Weighs 34 pounds and has a compact size, which allows easy storage.
  • The tall foam grip handle makes it convenient for the user to work with this lawnmower and prevents fatigue too.
  • Excellent traction provided by 10-inch dual tracking wheels.



  • The product may face a lack of performance if there are larger twigs on the way.
  • If the lawn has extremely tall grass, the mower pushes it instead of chopping it.
  • This lawnmower can endanger the user to certain chemicals, which is deemed to cause birth defects, cancer, and other health issues by the State of California.



Liked this product and are looking for something quite similar? Then read below for four other reel mowers that are a perfect alternative to Scotts 2000 20 Reel Mower.

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  • Great States 815-18 Push Reel Lawn Mower.
  • American Lawn Mower Company 1815-18 Push Reel Lawn Mower.
  • Earthwise Lawn Mower (16″) 7-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower.


Our Final Verdict 

Scott’s 2000 20 is motorless, the cutting power depends upon on the user who is pushing it too. It works smoothly on even terrain, the user can feel the softness of each grass blade after the fresh cut. 

The extreme affordability makes it attractive to almost every small scale yard homeowners. Furthermore, it requires no gas to work on, so it reduces the fuel expenditure, and it also makes it sustainable.  

The tool can be easily assembled without any prior experience. Moreover, the cutting deck height settings make it an easy process to get clean, accurate cuts. In conclusion, this versatile product is a must-buy for users looking for a comfortable experience.

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