Shop Vac Wet Dry Vac Review

For those random spills and messes around the home and workbench you want a strong wet/dry vacuum to be able to pick them up.  The Shop-Vac 5898300 has enough power to clean that mess, blow off that bench, and hold plenty of debris in its 5 gallon stainless steel tank.


Key Features:


A strong rear blower port puts out plenty of power and airflow.  A quick twist and moving the hose from the front to the rear turns this wet/dry vacuum into a blower.  There are occasions where you don’t need to suck up the dirt but rather, you need a blast of clean air to clear out a space or down in the crevasses.  Clean sawdust from the workbench by vacuuming it up or blowing it off.  The Shop-Vac 5989300 can do both with ease.


Other wet/dry vacuums in this power range regularly cost a third more, or even double, what this model costs.  And in this case, cheaper on the shelf does not equate to cheaper out of the box.  You get the “Shop-Vac” name and dependability you expect from them.  A three year warranty on the motor gives you the satisfaction that if something ever does go wrong, you have a solid name backing your purchase.




Good latches can make or break a wet/dry vacuum.  Liquids add plenty of weight to a 5 gallon canister and all it takes is one slipped latch to spill all your hard work back onto the floor, or worse.  The Shop-Vac 5989300 has strong positive latches that engage even when left loose.  You have to actively lift and release before you clear the motor housing.


Measuring 175 CFM, this model has more airflow than many of the competitors in this class of wet/dry vacuum.  This volume measurement is typical of vacuums in higher classes than the 5 gallon models and can offer significant suction for its size.





Many users have had problems with the seals on this unit.  Improperly assembled handles are leaving gaps for escaping air.  Poorly manufactured lids or warped canisters creating leaking seals between the motor and the tank.  All of this leads to loss of suction and extraneous noise.  It appears that careful attention and close inspection must be paid when putting this tool together.


This vacuum has a 6’ power cord.  Assuming you are using this unit stationary on your workbench, that’s fine.  But having only a 6’ cord and a 7’ hose, that almost mandates constant plugging and unplugging, bulky extension cords or an extremely limited range of use.


Our Verdict:


Strong suction and blowing power, a reliable manufacturer and the inexpensive cost makes this the contender for top pick when it comes to the 5 gallon wet/dry vacuum market.  We only wish it had a longer power cord to make it more convenient to use.  Dragging along an extension cord should be unnecessary when using a vacuum.  The concerns with the leaking seals can be avoided with careful assembly and attention to detail when putting it together.  Overall the Shop-Vac 5989300 is a great model for a home wet/dry vacuum.

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