SioGreen IR260 Tankless Water Heater Review

We live in a modern society, which – although offers plenty of benefits – does come with some compromises. That’s why we’re often forced to sacrifice a handful of luxuries, such as space, in exchange for convenience. Thankfully, many appliances exist to help us overcome space issues, including tankless water heaters, such as the Sio Green IR260.

The Sio Green IR260 tankless water heater is the kind of appliance that offers a perfect balance between the features and the price, which is why you should consider it if you no longer want to use tank heaters.

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Design and Construction

Although the design isn’t something you’d usually give much thought to when buying a water heater, it’s worth noting that the Sio Green IR260 looks neat and modern. You don’t need to hide it shamelessly in a closet or behind closed doors. It’s the one appliance that your in-laws won’t complain about. What a relief, huh?

Besides being stylish, the Sio Green IR260 tankless water heater is compact, measuring only 14.3 x 12.8 x 4.4 inches. If you’re not that good with numbers, those dimensions mean that it can be mounted anywhere in the house; the bathroom, storage, kitchen, in a closet, under the sink – anywhere. If you have a small apartment and space is one of your biggest concerns, you needn’t worry when getting this appliance.


As with any other appliance, you’re better off getting professional help for the installation, but if you’re really handy around tools, you won’t find any issue installing this tankless water heater yourself thanks to its compact, intuitive design and the comprehensive installation manual included by the manufacturer.

Keep in mind that a licensed technician will ensure that the warranty won’t become null. If you want this tankless water heater to remain eligible for refunds and replacements, professional, certified installation is the way to go.


There’s more to this water heater than meets the eye, as behind the compact size and modern design you’ll find pure heating power.

The Sio Green IR260 uses non-corrodible quartz tubes. What’s impressive about the used material and technology is that none of the metallic components enters in direct contact with the water, which prevents common water heating issues such as the accumulation of calcium and scale. In the long run, not only will that keep you safe, but it’ll also save you tremendous amounts of money that you would’ve otherwise spent on maintenance.

The Sio Green IR260 gives you total control over the heating level, as you can choose the temperature by simply turning the Water Flow Regulator clockwise to increase the heat or counterclockwise to reduce it. Thanks to the outlet Thermocouple and the LCD screen, you’ll be able to monitor the temperature all the time in Celsius.


If you get a certified plumber to take care of the installation, you can benefit from a two-year warranty. Nothing impressive here, to be honest, as that’s around the standard for this type of appliance.


The is not the cheapest tankless water heater available today, but it’s not the most expensive either. It holds a sweet spot in the middle ground, meaning that it the product that will give you the bang for your buck for sure. If you’re looking for a balance between the price and the features, search no further than the Sio Green IR260 tankless water heater.

Verdict on the Sio Green IR260

Sio Green’s IR260 tankless water heater is a one-size-fits-all kind of device. It can be installed anywhere, it uses safe materials to heat water without the chance of calcium and scale buildup, and it comes at an affordable price that would fit any budget. In short, it checks all the boxes for a quality tankless water heater, which is why we highly recommend it.


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