SKIL Drill Press Review

A brand you have come to trust and rely on, SKIL offers the 3220-01 bench drill press with a three year warranty.  A compact press with impressive features for its size including laser guided hole alignment, 1/2” drill chuck, five speeds from 570RPM to 3050RPM, and improved safety features, all for a modest price compared to its contemporaries.


Key Features:


Two words; laser beams.  “I want a drill press with laser beams attached…”  Okay, not exactly ground breaking, we’ve gotten used to laser alignment on everything from levels to circular saws but we don’t usually get that option on the lower cost tools.  The SKIL 3320-01 comes equipped with the X-2 laser alignment for accurate precision in drilling holes.


The safety features of a bench-top drill press often get overlooked.  High speed belts, spindles and complicated machines often spell disaster for those that forget to take safety seriously.  SKIL manufactured this model drill press with a removable safety key on the “bump-off” switch installed for easy shut down.  Rather than a two position toggle switch, or a push and pull lever, this tool can be turned off merely by applying pressure to the off button making it a safer tool to have in your home workshop.




Ease of working table platform height is something most users will agree is a one of the more important aspects of any drill press.  The SKIL 3320-01 has a rack and pinion crank that glides the table up and down at ease for fast and simple height adjustments.  A locking handle on the rear of the column will add extra support by keeping the table securely in place.


An improved 10” swing and 2 3/8” stroke make this small bench-top drill press a step above others in its class.  The 5” rather than 4” clearance grants the user that one small inch of space that can mean all the difference in the world to a home hobbyist.  And the extra 3/8” spindle travel over conventional 2” makes for enough room to drill cleanly through 2” materials.





The working table surface is cast aluminum, not cast iron.  This makes for a lighter unit and cleaner looking presentation, but the working surface is easily warped, bent, or broken with prolonged use or heavy clamping.  This is not a problem for most casual users but can present a problem for users that expect a stronger working surface.


The motor and spindle pulleys are molded plastic.  High quality and reliable plastic, but if you are expecting metal pulleys you will be disappointed.  The cast aluminum table and plastic pulleys don’t even equate to a lighter unit.  At 51 pounds, this is middle of the road weight when compared to other in this class of drill press.


Our Verdict:


The SKIL 3320-01 is one of the better choices out there for a small bench-top drill press.  The increase working areas with larger stroke and swing are impressive and the addition of the laser guide is a nice touch.  For home users and weekend builders, this tool comes highly recommended with plenty of bang for your buck.

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