8 Beautiful Small Bathroom Makeovers

Whether you’re a tiny home aficionado or simply making the best of increasingly limited housing options, you may be looking for ways to make a cramped bathroom space more livable. Fortunately, even simple upgrades can make a big difference in small spaces, and you don’t need to break the bank to make your bathroom more beautiful. Here are some wonderful small bathroom makeovers for your next project.

Expand Storage Options

The biggest challenge with tiny bathrooms is often insufficient storage space. By getting creative with your approach, you can make your bathroom more functional and more attractive at the same time.

  • Ladder shelving: An exposed ladder shelf in a bright accent color (or stark white) adds dimension to the bathroom while providing additional storage for towels and linens.
  • Portable storage racks: These inexpensive rolling racks make room for toiletries, towels, plants and just about anything else you need to store.
  • Hooks: If you don’t have room for additional shelves, hooks can be used in even the tightest spaces to get towels and hanging toiletry pouches out of the way.

Replace Your Shower Curtain

If your space is large enough to include a bathtub, switching out a plain shower curtain for a patterned one can instantly brighten the room. Consider a bright botanical print like this lemon-themed curtain, add dimension with this architectural design or go bold with navy blue nautical stripes. A set of coordinating shower curtain hooks completes the look.

Add Some Artwork

You spend a significant amount of time in the bathroom each day, so why not give yourself something interesting to look at? Wall art is a simple way to embellish your space with relatively little elbow grease. Focus on empty walls or high shelves and select pieces that continue your existing theme, or choose an eye-catching canvas or sculpture to be the centerpiece of your design strategy and small bathroom makeovers.

Control Clutter in your Small Bathroom Makeovers

Clutter can make a tiny bathroom feel even more cramped than it already is. Haphazard stacks of toilet paper, snarled nests of electrical cords and armies of toiletries lining countertops and shelves create a chaotic environment and make it hard to find the things you need when you need them. Instead, use storage caddies to keep styling tools contained, over-the-door organizers to stash health and beauty supplies and carousel-style containers for makeup and other small bottles.

Upcycle Used Items

Used items like wooden crates and wicker baskets can be transformed into small-bathroom showpieces with a coat of paint or other creative embellishments. Try sanding and painting wooden crates to hang on the wall as rustic shelving; glue silk flowers or seashells to natural or white wicker baskets to make them memorable. You can also browse flea markets and antique stores for vintage items that can be refurbished to create unique visual elements.

Make Everyday Items Decorative

You can upgrade the overall look of your bathroom with decorative versions of items you’re already using. For example, matching towels in bold colors like red or yellow create visual interest when stacked on an open shelf; coordinating containers for hand soap, cotton balls and other items reinforce the overall design in your small bathroom makeovers.

Install Fancy Fixtures

If you don’t have the budget for a total remodel, installing high-end fixtures can make your whole bathroom look almost brand new. Consider replacing your old faucet with a striking new design; adding modern hardware and lighting can create a luxe look for less than $100.  Contemporary knobs and drawer pulls for cabinets and vanities are also an easy, inexpensive upgrade.

Make Your Floors Fabulous

Replacing your flooring requires some time and effort, but when you’re working with a small bathroom, the cost is surprisingly affordable. Consider these options:

  • High-end vinyl: While hardwood floors look lovely, they’re not a good choice for bathrooms due to the constant moisture, which can cause warping and discoloration. Instead, try wood-look luxury vinyl or ceramic tile, which provide the natural aesthetic of wood floors without the risk of damage.
  • Colored or textured finishes: Rubber, vinyl and linoleum flooring are waterproof, affordable and easy to clean, making them ideal choices for the bathroom. Try a solid bright color to spark visual interest or a textured finish to simulate the look of stone or wood with a nonslip surface.
  • Bespoke resin or acrylic flooring: These materials provide the sleek look of polished concrete and stone without the dangerously slippery surface.
  • Slate: Classic slate flooring creates an elegant natural look, while its muted colors provide stunning contrast with brightly-hued accent pieces.

Have a Higher Budget?

If your budget allows for expansive upgrades and small bathroom makeovers, we highly suggest that the first thing you upgrade is your toilet. We have identified five incredible choices for the best toilet, all of which are considered incredibly high performance and very low flow. Those five models reviewed are:

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