Stanley Shop Vac Review

The Stanley SL18130 wet/dry vacuum is a powerful lightweight unit with a 4.5 peak HP motor and a stainless steel drum tank.  The swivel casters roll this vacuum along your workshop floor sucking up sawdust, dirt, water and more.  Reusable dry filters and a sturdy foam filter keeps the dirt inside while you power through the mess.


Key Features:


On board attachment storage is a nice inclusion for a wet/dry vacuum.  Quick and convenient location of accessories eliminates all the time you’d spend searching for those “parts” you stored away for when you need them later.  No peeking into long forgotten boxes or frantically opening cabinet drawers, your crevice nozzle, floor brush, and utility nozzle are all on hand when you’re ready to use them.  This all-inclusive feature makes the vacuum self contained and easy to store away when not in use.


The 5 gallon stainless steel tank gives this vacuum a striking appearance.  The tall shining drum embossed with the trusted “Stanley” logo is a welcome site in any workshop.  Rugged construction and reliable reputation combine to make this wet/dry vacuum a solid performer.  Centered around the stainless steel dependability, every other aspect of this hardy vacuum is built to serve for a long time to come.




Weighing in at only 9 pounds, this heavy duty wet/dry vacuum is comparatively light weight and easy to carry around.  Up the stairs, out to the car, down to the basement.  No matter where you need to vacuum up the mess, the Stanley SL18130 won’t break your back while moving it from place to place.


We all know that high pitch sound of the float ball cutting off suction when the wet/dry canister is fell of liquids.  But this vacuum also has a big bright red LED on the power head that also lets us know when it’s time to empty the reservoir.





For all its stately looks and impressive stature, this model can be a little top-heavy.  Stanley went with the tall and skinny design rather than short and squat.  This may be a better fit in your storage plans, but as is the case with all wet/dry vacuums, the hose connection is towards the top of the drum cannister.  Between the higher center of mass, the higher hose connection point and the short 5’ hose length, you’re likely to have more tip-overs than with other models.


A common complaint for this model is that it has low suction for many customers.  Measured at 70 CFM, the air volume just doesn’t cut it for many users.  Others defend it as a solid vacuum, more than capable of tasks around the house.  If you are looking for something capable of heavy industrial use, the Stanley SL18130 may not work for you.


Our Verdict:


While this product certainly has an impressive look, appearances may be deceiving some customers.  This is a good wet/dry vacuum for home and hobby shop use.  Lightweight and portable, this industrial looking canister drum is not on par with its truly industrial powered cousins.  Household suction with a pro-job site look has some users overextending this model beyond its capabilities.

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