Swann Camera Review

It pretty darn hard to find a decent security camera that offers good features without necessarily blowing a hole in your wallet, but Swann does precisely that. Honestly, this camera wasn’t on my review list initially, but the specs impressed me. “How could anything this low-priced by worthwhile,” I whispered upon checking the features. When reviewing the camera, I was impressed by how much it had to offer, and I’m sure you’ll be equally surprised.


Design and Connectivity

Swann’s security camera features a bullet design, which, although a bit limiting when it comes to titling and adjusting, is an excellent way to show any potential intruder that your property is well-protected. Other than that, the camera is compact (4.4 x 4.4 x 3.2 inches) and looks modern, which means that it won’t ruin the overall look of your home.

Apart from being pretty, the camera is also pretty solid, with a weatherproof polycarbonate construction that can withstand the harshest of weather conditions. Such build quality is impressive for a security camera in this price range, which is why we like Swann.

Setup and Installation

It wouldn’t be nice if Swann made their budget security camera hard to install, as that would add the professional installation fees to the total cost. Thankfully, Swann did consider their customers’ needs, so they made the camera easy to set up by anyone.

Along with the main unit, you’ll get all the necessary wires, cables, mounting screws, wall plugs, power adapter, and splitter, along with a fairly comprehensive user manual, all of which contribute to an easy DIY mounting. Unfortunately, the camera cannot work on its own. You need a DVR box to use Swann’s cam as part of your security system.

Camera Features

Through this security camera, Swann proves that quality can indeed be affordable. Despite its low price point, the 2-MP Swann cam can snap 1080p videos within a 102-degree viewing angle, thus rivaling far higher-priced products. The video quality is impressive (again, for the price), and knowing that the camera comes with IR night vision, you can rest assured when leaving your house as you can monitor it 24/7 with ease.

The camera features don’t stop at night vision, as you also get a True Detect thermal sensing security system, which uses a PIR sensor to trigger recording and send you alerts whenever the camera senses heat within the monitored perimeter.

Extra Features

For a security camera in the sub-100 price range, you can’t really expect ground-breaking features. Nevertheless, the Swann bullet cam does come with some intuitive functionalities, including the aforementioned TrueDetect motion sensor and IR night vision. No connected app, no integration with smart assistants, and no two-way audio, but all the essentials are covered, which is what you should expect at this price point.


The Swann bullet camera is cheap. That’s probably its main perk. Furthermore, no subscription is required to store the videos, but you still need a hard drive or USB drive for your DVR if you want to replay your footages.

Verdict on the Swann Bullet Camera

In an industry filled with overpriced products that promise the world through countless features (most of which you’re not going to use), the Swann bullet camera blows its competitors away with an affordable price tag that’s hard to beat. Sure, the features aren’t going to impress your neighbors, nor does the design scream “expensive,” but at this price point, no security camera can rival Swann’s bullet cam.


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