Swiss Madison Toilet Review

Swiss Madison is a rather new name in the bathroom industry, but they sure are making some noise. Founded in 2015, Swiss Madison prides themselves on being a company who are committed to producing superior bath products for their customers.

Their designs across their range are innovative, modern, and individual. They certainly have the qualities you would look for to make any bathroom they are installed to look a little more luxurious. Their design team works hard to make sure they stay at the cutting edge of modern bathroom design.

What immediately stands out to us is the unique one piece and slim design. The water tank is much thinner than a standard tank and is hardly noticeable against a white wall. The one-piece design is the look of choice right now for modern home bathrooms.

The elongated design and toilet seat, coupled with the thinness of the water tank make the Swiss Madison St. Tropez an excellent toilet for smaller bathrooms or guest bathrooms with limited space. The outside of the bowl is very smooth with no sharp edges where dust or dirt may collect.

The toilet is very contemporary in looks, design, and features. The toilet seat is soft closing and again, very slim in design. The toilet seat has quick release hinges, so it is easy to remove and clean under the rim and the seat itself.

This toilet is WaterSense certified, and it does use an amazingly minimal amount of water. It has a dual flush system of which the smaller flush only uses 0.8 gallons per flush, and the larger flush uses 1.28, making it a HET (High-Efficiency Toilet).

It flushes with a Dual Tornado system, which is very powerful and robust enough to remove any debris and dirt which may have latched onto the porcelain. The refill time of the water after the flush is also rapid.

The bottom of the toilet has a skirt cover, so no dust or debris will collect there, and it stands at universal comfort height making it suitable for most people to sit down and stand up much more comfortably.

The glazed ceramic finish is gleaming and looks fantastic. We should imagine it will stay looking fresh and not stain or fade for many years to come.

Installing the toilet isn’t straightforward, and we recommend having two people to make it a little quicker and easier. The bolts go into the side of the toilet so lining them up with the wax ring isn’t fun. However, this is the case with most toilets.

Swiss Madison has a stringent quality policy, and they factory flush test their toilets before they leave the warehouse. The Swiss Madison St. Tropez SM-1T254 toilet is ADA compliant and c/UPC & UPC certified so you can rest assured knowing you are getting a toilet designed to American compliance.

To finish things off, Swiss Madison offers a one-year warranty on their range of bathroom accessories, and their customer service is brilliant. You won’t be disappointed.

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